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Topic: Scared me
Message: Posted by: Shadow (Nov 14, 2003 06:38PM)
I sometimes do the sword thru neck as part of my show, when the crowd is old enough and it feels right.

Last Saturday I had a show at a party for a soccer team, both boys and girls, 10 plus years old.

They were a fun loving and rowdy bunch so I figured why not.

I got the hostís kid up, a BIG boy about 12, we joked around a bit and then I got the stock out and put it around his neck. I now turn very serious and warn him not to move or fool around at all or something bad can happen. I step in front of him where he canít see my face and tell the others about a terrible accident that happened the last time I did this in Vegas. I am very dead pan but smiling and winking so the kids all know Iím fooling, but not the victim. I then turn to him and tell him that at no time should he feel any pressure on his neck, and if he does that he should scream to let me know something is wrong. I then explain how the ďRazor SharpĒ sword will pass through his neck, throat, and spine, hopefully leaving him completely unharmed. I repeat the warnings about moving and remind him to scream if he feels any pressure. Now I take the sword and poke him in the throat slightly, this normally results in a great photo opp as the childís eyes get great big and he tries to yell without moving.
Not this time, I poke him and his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. I had a good grip on his upper arm and was able to guide him safely to the floor. I removed the stocks as he came to, he then got very sick and thru-up a couple of times. This was a good time for an intermission, so all the kids when outside to play, Mom took the sick child to lay down and I helped Dad clean up.

We let the kids back in and resumed the show without the sword thru the neck but not until I reminded the kids that they were in on the joke and he wasnít, I had tried to scare him and it worked just a little too well. I made the kids promise that they would not tease him or make fun of him because we all had done such a good job of scaring him.

Dad said he thinks he may have over heated as he had been playing very had just before the show and was wearing 3 sweatshirts, and it was quite warm in the room. I donít know, I just know I will be a little more careful about how and when I do tricks like this.
This could have gone very bad very fast, he could have hit his head on the way down, or I could not have had hold of him and he fell hard with the stock around his neck hurting himself.

Can you spell LAWSUIT?
Thank God all is well.