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Topic: Whats a good Color changing knife dvd
Message: Posted by: magic8161 (Jan 28, 2013 07:58PM)
Looking for a good color knife routine to do. I have the 3 Joe Morgar Knives. Looking for a Dvd. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Billy-one (Jan 28, 2013 08:04PM)
Malone on the loose, vol....3 maybe?

Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Jan 28, 2013 08:26PM)
Joe Mogar actually sells a color changing knife DVD. Not very exciting but you learn quite a few moves and routines.
Message: Posted by: motown (Jan 28, 2013 08:36PM)
There's a couple of good books on the market.
Message: Posted by: marD (Jan 28, 2013 08:40PM)
Intricate Web of Distraction by Whit Haydn
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jan 29, 2013 12:19AM)
Mark Wilson used to sell a nice basic cc knife dvd...
Message: Posted by: billmarq (Jan 29, 2013 07:27PM)
I own the Mark Wilson DVD. It is actually sold with a set of knives, and is available at Hocus-Pocus.com The price is a bit steep at $59.95 but worth it in my opinion, at least for me since I did not own the knives already. Mark's routine is really good.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jan 29, 2013 09:56PM)
Hi Bill

I seem to recall Mark's DVD set came with the smaller knives made along the lines of the Saunders(sp?) knives i.e. black & white (black has the "textured" finish) in your choice of either a two or three knife set.
Nice little knives.

Message: Posted by: billmarq (Jan 29, 2013 11:48PM)
Correct, Julie, except that I believe the sets sold currently are three-knife sets. At first I was disappointed at the smaller size but when I used them I realized this was actually an advantage. The three knives occupy little pocket space and the texture identifies the color by feel. I carried these in my pockets for several weeks at work until I had shown the effect to just about everybody I knew. I get a real kick out of showing the audience how I do it (?) only to do it again and then hand out the two knives for them to examine.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 30, 2013 02:03PM)
First try to come up with your own reason and routine.
Message: Posted by: Leo Reynolds Jr (Jan 30, 2013 02:44PM)
Try here http://www.markwilsonmagic.com/knives.htm might as well give Mr Wilson the business.

Leo Jr
Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Jan 31, 2013 05:59AM)
I will second Whit Haydn's Intricate Web of Distraction DVD.....it's great to have along with Whit's Intricate Web of Distraction Booklet.

Whit shows his thinking and reasoning behind his routine and the Mogar knives used are an excellent set.

Whit convinced me to try his knives and his routine here and he was right.....it's terrific.

Strong and entertaining magic!
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Jan 31, 2013 11:24AM)
Whit Haydn's Intricate Web of Distraction DVD is gold. Great routine. I actually learned the routine (and the moves) from his pamplet about 15 years ago. I still love performing the routine.
Peter Biro is right though. the knives lend themselves well to your creativity. Have fun with them. I use Whit's routine if I use them for stage, different routining for closeup.
Message: Posted by: jcrabtree2007 (Jan 31, 2013 11:26AM)
I got Chad Long's Flash and I found them very easy to use. If you like color changing knives (i love my Mogar knives) then you will love how easy Chad's flash drives are. When I perform in schools, I use Flash so I'm not taking knives to school.
Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Jan 31, 2013 10:16PM)

I had the DISTINCT PRIVILEDGE of meeting Matt Schulien and seeing him do his version of the color-changing knives in 1965 at a visit to Schulien's on Irving Park Road in Chicago.

Seeing Matt do his version and watching the reactions of the spectators watching Matt was special....and forever influenced my approach to performing Magic.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jan 31, 2013 10:59PM)
...and Matt had a unique "built-in" servante' to facilitate holding out and switching said knives. :)

Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Feb 1, 2013 09:55AM)

So correct!

Matt Schulien was truly "one of a kind"! His knife routine is in his book.....I highly recommend the book and taking a good look at his routine.

I have never....to this day....seen so many "civilians" have so much fun seeing a magician perform magic as I saw at Schuliens.

Matt had 'em going with "tears in their eyes" they were laughing so hard and having so much fun.
Message: Posted by: Quentin (Feb 1, 2013 06:35PM)
Johnny Thompson's routine from his DVD set is the best I have seen.
Message: Posted by: taiga (Feb 1, 2013 11:50PM)
Bill Malone have a good one (if you are a gifted entertainer!)
Whit Haydn published a very good routine
But (I know it's not a DVD) if you are really interested by the subject, the book from Ascanio on the subject is an absolute must (now in english, lucky you!)
Message: Posted by: stevegreene (Feb 2, 2013 12:09AM)
Flash in my opinion is really good. I don't have the knives but It teaches a good routine that can be applied to the knives
Message: Posted by: IvanLee (Feb 2, 2013 10:47AM)
Must Be a DVD?
I have red Juan's sonata, it has a chapter about knives, genius!(In his lecture DVD, there is a wonderful routine but with no explanations, but I think it may not so difficult to learn)
Ascanio also has a book about knives maybe named The Magic of Ascanio book vol.4? I haven't read it but I will~
Other routines in my mind is Daryl's in Fooler Dooler and Malone's in the On the Loose.
Anyway the advantage of knives is impromtu, you may not need a so sophisticated one.~
Message: Posted by: motown (Feb 2, 2013 04:23PM)
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Feb 4, 2013 06:08AM)
Buy this book. it is great and so many moves. best book there is. for me the TURN WITH THE PINKY is the price of the book worth.

Message: Posted by: gomerel (Apr 6, 2013 06:20PM)
I second the Ascanio book. Very clear steps. Explanation of the psychology.
Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Apr 7, 2013 02:02AM)
Hi There, Knives - theres a lot of good advice on that topic already. Theres a another option out there. Flash/USB drives, check Chad Longs effect with color changing flash drives called "Flash", great effect, easy to do.
Message: Posted by: vampiro (Apr 7, 2013 09:04PM)
Please don't forget the use of a holdout, with any routine.
Hopefully, this will make your planning easier.
Message: Posted by: motown (Dec 14, 2013 11:33AM)
Aldo Colombini has a new Color Changing Knives DVD with a nice routine.
Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Dec 16, 2013 09:04PM)
Check out Jim Sisti's "Grandpa's Fruit Knives," available from Lybrary.com. It's a simple routine that automatically resets. You only need 2 knives.

Also see Steve Draun's routine from World's Greatest Magic. It's a little bit more work, but it has a climax and automatically resets. From the same DVD Bill Malone has a 2-knife routine, but I think his is done more for laughs.

Joe Mogar's Chameleon Knives DVD is a good resource. I've recently bought coins and knives from him. His knives are top-notch and his service is very fast.

Pop Haydn's "Intricate Web of Distraction" is an excellent routine.

I agree with Pete Biro --look to come up with your own routine, which is what I'm working on now. I must say, though, that although the flashdrives routine and props may be nice, I think flashdrives are the wrong way to go. I just just don't think that there's the meaning and the storyline or comic potential of knives. I think the strong point of Chad Long's flashdrive routine is the growing effect at the end. I think a knife routine should end with either a growing or shrinking effect for greatest impact.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 16, 2013 11:46PM)
Fred Kaps routine is something to take a look at, but is in book form. The booklet, "World of Knives" has recently been reprinted.