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Topic: David Regal's "Clean Cut"
Message: Posted by: Platt (May 20, 2002 12:15PM)
I own both volumes I and III of Regal's new videos. The trick "Clean Cut" IMHO is far and away the most amazing and commercial effect on the tapes. It's so smart and simple that I'm curious if this method is indeed revolutionary or is just a small variation on an old handling. I'm always shocked to see the visual discrepancy go right past people. Any thoughts on this effect and its (the method, not the effect) origins? Does anyone know of any cleaner, ungimmicked "spectator cuts to the aces" effects?
Message: Posted by: Martin_H (May 23, 2002 03:29AM)
Look for John Bannons Version "Directed Verdict" on the A1 tape.
Spectator cuts and can turn over the aces by himself..