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Topic: 21st Century Suspension? Review requested:
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Nov 15, 2003 08:13AM)

I am putting together my stage show right now and am looking for a suspension/levitation to add right now. I came across this one and when I saw the price I thought it might be a consideration.

One thing that caught my eye in the description was: "The effect can be done surrounded if you use your assistant." I would plan on using my assistant, so does that actually mean I could have people 360 degrees around me as the illusion goes on???

Also, is this an easy illusion to build for less than $400? Any good sources for plans to build something similar?

Ideas, reviews, anything! will be much of help to me.


Message: Posted by: Brian Haagen (Nov 15, 2003 07:19PM)
Hey Evan, where do you find this levitation/suspension at?
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Nov 16, 2003 07:52AM)
Opps! I new I forgot something. :bg:

I found it at: http://www.tilfordillusions.com/

Do a search for "21st Century Suspension" and it is the second from the top I believe.

Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Jan 4, 2004 06:08AM)
You've GOT to check out Anton Corradin's LOUNGE SUSPENSION!

It's also on Tilford's site.

Message: Posted by: brandonford1982 (Jul 24, 2005 03:41PM)
BEWARE!!! Very deceptive description. Cannot be done surrounded and willnot hold much weight. Has a tendency to bow and the board moves like its attached to something. I ahd one and returned it due to the fact its junk. But that's my opinion. There are people on here that LOVE the illusion. I don't. Do a search for the trick and you will find it being dicussed a few times here.
Message: Posted by: MikeDes (Jul 24, 2005 06:19PM)
I have been using this suspension for about 4 years. You can see it in my avatar. This is an entry level suspension. It can't be done surrounded.

As your assistant gets on the board will sag a few inches (and raise up when she gets off). I have found a way to compensate for this. It will hold 120 pounds. The gimmick placement is on the base so you can't pull the support completely off the base. Again, I have found a way to help compensate for this.

I get great reactions to this suspension. Add a little bit of presentation, a fog machine and a Blaney Hoop and it can be very good. If you expect a Blaney suspension for $400 though, you will be disappointed.

Message: Posted by: tilford (Jul 24, 2005 07:29PM)

Basically, Mike is correct. It really should not be done surrounded.

The manufacturer felt it could be by assistant s arm draped over the gimmick.

I always tell people this when they contact me.


Douglas Tilford
Message: Posted by: MikeDes (Jul 25, 2005 03:10PM)
One other important point about this suspension is that it all comes apart for easy transportation and is not too heavy.
Message: Posted by: cardone (Jul 25, 2005 10:56PM)
I have the same one and I do not like it . I think about 75 lbs is good ,...any more look out .....wiggle wiggle....wobble. The supports are a type of cardboard and the gimmick is in the wrong spot....cheepola ...I like the MAK flying carpet....more deceptive..........