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Topic: Discounting Misdirection
Message: Posted by: blindbo (Nov 15, 2003 10:08AM)
You probably received your email from the magic store that is now advertising 'buy one, get second 50% off". This store also runs a frequent 25% off each item sale.

Do the math. In their 50% sale, you pay $512.45 using the example they give.

Under the 25% sale, you pay $506.21...

Good misdirection!
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Nov 15, 2003 09:35PM)
???? It's not misdirection, a 25% sale is going to be better than a "Buy 1 get 2nd 50% off", for the fact that in one you get 25% off your total, and in the other it is done on an item by item basis, and if you don't get exactly the same price you are getting way less than 25% on each item...

Which is why I always wait for the 25% sales =)