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Topic: Doug Dyment's "Idiopraxis"
Message: Posted by: ddyment (Feb 2, 2013 03:37PM)
I'm pleased to announce the current availability of [i]Idiopraxis,[/i] my latest book, a collection of effects and tools for the psychic entertainer.

You can read about the content, and peruse some early reader feedback, via my Deceptionary site. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I hope you enjoy my latest effort; it contains a number of pieces that those familiar with my work have been asking me to put into print for some time now!
Message: Posted by: JanForster (Feb 2, 2013 03:54PM)
Great news, Doug, I was waiting for that moment and have ordered just a minute ago :) Jan
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Feb 2, 2013 05:57PM)
Sigh - trying to save money - but just went and sent the moolah for I buy all DD books as soon as they come out - as they always seem to be full of things I can actually use in real life presentations...

I'm sure this will be the same!
Message: Posted by: dsacks (Feb 2, 2013 10:14PM)
On 2013-02-02 18:57, Dr Spektor wrote:
Sigh - trying to save money - but just went and sent the moolah for I buy all DD books as soon as they come out - as they always seem to be full of things I can actually use in real life presentations...

I'm sure this will be the same!

Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Feb 2, 2013 11:09PM)
Doug is one person to whom I am happy and privileged to shove money at.

I'm looking forward to reading this. It'll be the usual great thinking, I'm sure.
Message: Posted by: rockbrunnen (Feb 2, 2013 11:09PM)
Placed my order!
Message: Posted by: espkeith (Feb 3, 2013 01:12PM)
On 2013-02-02 18:57, Dr Spektor wrote:
Sigh - trying to save money - but just went and sent the moolah for I buy all DD books as soon as they come out - as they always seem to be full of things I can actually use in real life presentations...

I'm sure this will be the same!
Same here. This is a must-have for me as well.
Message: Posted by: JohnWells (Feb 4, 2013 06:27PM)
Mine's on the way as well.
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Feb 4, 2013 10:54PM)
I'm glad Doug decided to publish this. I've never regretted any purchase from Doug Dyment and have been so happy with the volume of usable material in each of the four books I own so far. It's amazing how quiet people here can be about his work. His standards for publication are high and the material is always strong, well thought-out, explained clearly, scrupulously credited... a great value. I expected "On the Square" to be a separate release and would have been glad to buy it alone for the same price as this new collection.

I just read Banachek's review/endorsement on the product page. Some of you "ex-magi" know that wonderful anticipation you used to feel when you were kids as you leafed through an Abbott's magic catalog? I'm feeling a bit of that now as I read the description of Idiopraxis. The book is on its way to me.
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Feb 5, 2013 02:29PM)
Add me to the "can't wait" list.
Doug's work on the square will no doubt be terrific... but those little 'throw away' bits at the bottom caught my eye.
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Feb 11, 2013 11:59AM)
I hoped to see this in my mailbox this past Saturday. It's gotta' be today! Mmmmm... good eatin' awaits. Pass the gravy.
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Feb 12, 2013 07:41PM)
I received this book in yesterday's mail and read through it over the course of a day. It will take time to try the effects I like the most, but here are my initial impressions:

"On the Square". For the first time last night I created a magic square without a crib. I'm pumped. I expect to use this tool for the rest of my life. I'll certainly include my square presentation more often, especially when working up-close. That's not to say I couldn't use this on stage. It works anytime, anywhere.

"The Natal Square". A personalized square for readers to give to their clients. Giving readings isn't my cup of tea so I only skimmed the pages of this one.

"Penney's From Heaven". I've tried this with several friends since yesterday. I love it. This casual effect plays well as a prediction, a display of intuition or as a psychic bar bet. Titanic Thompson would have loved this. I'm a little amazed that it works. If I were a barfly I'd use this to hustle drinks.

"The Zenith Stack." An algorithmic stack for Zener cards. Doug's first Zener card stack was published in his book Tricyclic. This new one features a simpler procedure with fewer rules to apply yet maintains its random appearance. Unlike other sequential stacks, The Zenith Stack uses all 25 cards. The math is super easy - don't be intimidated. Compared to earlier stacks it's also much easier to determine a card in the reverse direction. Finally, Doug gives a sample mnemonic you may use to memorize the Zenith Stack should you choose to do so (assembling the stack from memory can speed up putting it in order from a mixed pack of cards). I can use this.

If you're adroit with the Zenith Stack, you can perform the next two effects. "ESPerimental": this one's so simple it's tempting to overlook it but I can tell it's strong for participants. Then there's "Couplet" (which can easily be performed without the Zenith Stack). Simple, lovely, and appealing. I like performing effects like this with couples. It makes me feel warm inside, like I've kissed someone after drinking hot chocolate.

"Menologue". Just what it says in the ad. A hands-off diary effect. Read the description; the effect plays out exactly as described. Note that the date chosen is a random one and therefore lacks the personal connection of Bob Cassidy's effect. Many performers will find that little compromise worth the final outcome but some will not. I can think of ways to restore a personal touch to the presentation. I think this would have fooled me had I seen it first.

"BikeMarks". A marking system that's easy and inexpensive to apply that can be read from a greater distance than most. What's not to like? If for some reason you don't use the BikeMarks method and decide to use, say, Bob Farmer's system, Doug's already done research to help you find marking tools that match your Bicycle deck and I find value in that; it'll save me time and money. As usual, Mr. Dyment has gone the extra mile in explaining tips and other options to help you personalize and maximize this system.

"The Vision". The lovechild of one of my favorite Harry Anderson effects coupled with the classic "Fred" card effect. It uses a devilish principle borrowed (with permission) from a genius creator whose last name begins with a K. This one is TV-worthy.

Pardon me for not finding much to complain about from Idiopraxis. I found three new tools I can use to help with effects I already do. I also found four new performance pieces that fit my persona. I'm not sure which ones I'll use the most but I'm having a blast with one of them already and I've only had the book for about 30 hours. Considering I paid a little less than $40 shipped, the value of this little book is hard to beat.

Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Feb 12, 2013 08:29PM)
((Looks in mailbox)) Waugh
Well, I am in Canada - hope mine gets here for a good weekend read - mike ya lucky sonavagun :)
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Feb 12, 2013 11:50PM)
Haha... I'm in Canada too and I received mine Friday.
Unfortunately due to family chaos I haven't had a chance to read it yet--
Thanks for the sneak preview Mike!... Sorry doc.

Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Feb 13, 2013 04:01AM)
Hey d where in Canada are you?
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Feb 13, 2013 12:17PM)
Van City my friend.
Message: Posted by: ddyment (Feb 13, 2013 06:23PM)
Thanks to all for the [url=http://www.deceptionary.com/idiopraxis.html#testimonials]kind words[/url] being expressed about my latest book.

Now that it is beginning to show up in folks' mailboxes (other than dmoses', who is less than 25 miles from me), this would be a good time to remind folks that all of my products have [url=http://www.deceptionary.com/content-s.html]supplemental pages on The Deceptionary[/url]. The section for [i]Idiopraxis[/i] is already the equivalent of 7 additional pages. And there's one item there that might even cause Mike to revisit "The Natal Square". :)
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Feb 13, 2013 09:03PM)

Mine arrived today to and I consumed it - yum!

The Natal Square is a most wonderful thing... but all the square-tech provided is top notch - and the a-p thing one can also do by memorizing the graphic patterns too...fun fun fun! I will practice that... and Vision I like a lot as well... especially like the sneaky mental coin routine... I love gambling items and this one looks like a killer... I'll try it out tomorrow!

Bravo sir!


dmoses - v city? guess you hang with Christopher and gang!!!
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Feb 14, 2013 12:08AM)
Hey Doc... I do whenever I get the chance. There's a veritable coven of us here now that Doug's arrived.
Message: Posted by: ddyment (Feb 24, 2013 05:33PM)
Here's an update on the [url=http://www.deceptionary.com/content-s.html]supplemental section[/url] for [i]Idiopraxis.[/i] As of today, this is now in excess of ten pages of additional material, so take a look if you haven't checked recently.

There are definitely some items that shouldn't be missed!
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Jul 29, 2017 10:42AM)
I know this topic is old but I have to mention some things for whoever search it.

Natal Square is the Holy Grail of building squares for real. When I first saw it, I came up with the idea of focusing only on the "positives", because the "negatives" would be a mirror. Soon I saw a pattern formed by the positives. That pattern is all I remember to build it. It's like a roller coaster... go down, go left, go up. I was able to learn it in a couple of minutes and I checked if I would forget in the next days... I didn't. That alone makes this shine, but the fact that it allows you to make a custom square with birth dates is the cherry on top. Put that on a business card and people will really believe it's a talisman and carry with them. You can use numerology to give readings. It can be anything you want using numbers, not only dates (e.g predictions). If you exercise yourself building it with numbers from 1 to 16 (the minimum) with no repetition using Doug's simplified formula, you will soon realize what is the core root to not repeat numbers (The root is X + 3 + 6 + 1, anything beyond that and you're safe from number repetition), so you can modify anything on the fly if you see the need.

Zenith Stack is also unsurpassed. It does for ESP deck what the DAO does for playing cards. Enough said.

Penney's From Heaven was also really nice. The core idea could be used with a lot more things, even playing cards. Feels bold to bet without seeing the results but, as creepy as it sounds, it works. I know I just have odds in my favor, but until now, I haven't lost a single "bet" using it.

I could go on but previous comments also give the idea. I just wanted to add a few things that could be important to people out there.

Message: Posted by: Jack Skipton (Aug 27, 2017 04:03AM)
I'll have to check this out. I loved Mindsights and Sign Language.
Message: Posted by: The_MetalMaster (Apr 28, 2018 05:35PM)
Very interested in getting this book. I have the same diary Doug recommends for Menologue however itís already marked in Aronson stack order to perform the Birthday Book. Can it still be used for Menologue or will I have to buy another book?
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mindbender (Apr 29, 2018 01:09PM)
You'll need another book, but well worth it! Menologue is one of my all time favorite routines. Especially when you use a marked deck. You have a participant shuffle while you begin to write down your prediction. I tell the participant to set the deck down on the table when they're done. I time out writing my prediction so that just as they set the deck down, I figure out the card and finish my prediction. It's so easy to reframe the moment, pointing out to the spectators that you wrote your prediction before you started the effect.