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Topic: People collect antique locks?
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Feb 6, 2013 09:27PM)
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an antique lock collector convention. I felt the convention was at best boring. Luckily I came not for the locks but for the company. Anyone who was there may correct me if you like, but I saw about 15 tables or so, staffed by one or two people. Each table had the collected wares of the owner nicely displayed, and often in cases. And the owners sat there, and for the most part looked at each other. There were a few people walking the room, but a very few. After a while they held elections. I had the feeling that this was a predetermined election and like many clubs the same people run the group year in and year out. Well fine. I thought about running for president just to bother my wife. She knows I am always taking on offices.
Later we had dinner which looked good to most people. This vegetarian was not pleased, but the staff tried to accommodate me and for that they should be commended.
Then it was time for the show. This was the real reason I had come to the convention. Our own Jay Leslie and Joe Fox put on an amazing show. Jay did mostly magic, though he did do one handcuff escape.
Joe Fox came running in accompanied by Sirens and a Police carís flashing light. He was dressed in various handcuffs including three holding his wrists together. He was also wearing an orange prison jump suit to suggest that he had escaped from jail.
He proclaimed, adding a fourth handcuff to his wrists that he was going to try to break Houdiniís record and escape all four cuffs in one minute and thirty seconds.
Our friend Mark Lyons was the time keeper for the event, and would soon begin to shout out the time every ten seconds.
We need to remember that the audience he was performing in front of was not escape artists and not magicians. They were quite shocked when he, pulled a lock pick from his nose blockhead style and began to work.
The time was tight, and Joe struggled and fumbled with the four pairs of handcuffs.
This piece was very entertaining, and he drew strong applause as few if any in the room were familiar with the material he was doing. Joe was openly picking the locks, but in such a way as duplication by the audience would not be possible. He was moving too quickly for them to really get a bead on what he was doing, but every so often a pair of cuffs would come off.
I donít think Joe performs very often, but if you get a chance to see his show it is well worth it. Enjoy.