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Topic: Conversations With Mind Readers
Message: Posted by: magus (Feb 7, 2013 02:59PM)
I just got this.
"Crawl inside the minds of the greatest living mind readers and mentalists on the planet"
I'm really enjoying this. I've only listened to three interviews so far (About 3 hours of interviews)
and I've hit the pause button about six times to search out something that has been commented on.
I'm working on a script for an act, and have added four ideas sparked by what I've heard.
No tricks (so far anyway) but the stuff beyond the tricks, presentation, characterization, why you do some thing, and why you probably shouldn't.
It's like having four conventions lined up with top notch speakers.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Feb 7, 2013 04:09PM)
You are correct. Almost every mind reader on there will tell you it's not about the ” tricks”.