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Topic: Invisible pass. a flourish?
Message: Posted by: kenllh (Nov 17, 2003 02:55AM)
I believe some people treat it as a flourish and practice it until it is truly invisible.How long did you guys take to perfect it?

Talking about invisible pass, I believe the classic pass needs some good positioning. Care to explain how you guys manage to do the classic pass/ invisible pass successfully?
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Dec 7, 2003 09:32PM)
The invisable pass and classic pass are 2 very different issues.

Invisable Pass: A successful pass is generally a result of audience positioning and a smooth execution. Speed is not as much of an issue.

Classic Pass: Speed is critical and it took me years to perfect mine. My best advise is to practice while watching TV, at work, in school, etc.

I have nevr used it as a florish until it was good enough to pass (no pun intended).

Side note: use a mirror and/or video camera.

Jeff :goodluck:
Message: Posted by: cardguy24 (Jan 12, 2004 08:44PM)
I don't thimk speed is really always needed when it comes to the pass. The main point is is that the pass is not suposed to be seen. So it really doesn't matter how fast you do it. :bluebikes: :bikes:

I also feel the turnover pass should be done slowly because it really gives the impression that you are not doing anthing except turning over the deck. How ever I must say when I practice I tend to try to increase speed, however this is not necessary during performance. :bikes: :bluebikes: