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Topic: Refresh my memory
Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Feb 15, 2013 05:44PM)
Hi Jim,
I'm enjoying Collateral.... That aside..I remember some years ago, can't remember where, but you did an effect involving a sealed cereal box.
I don't recall the exact context of the effect but I "DO" remember it fooled me badly. You vanished something and it ended up inside a sealed box of cereal. Ring any bells?.....Thanks.
David Paul
Message: Posted by: Diamond Jim (Feb 15, 2013 06:01PM)
You are probably thinking of my card in Pop Tart that I did years ago on TV. It's a magician fooler. Here's the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8YUJxcTIug&sns=em