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Topic: IPredict Pro ideas and revelations
Message: Posted by: FredNarlo (Feb 16, 2013 10:57PM)
To those that have iPredict Pro, what sort of voicemail revelations do you use? Have you combined this effect with another effect?

I currently speak about a card trick dream I had the night before and when I woke up it was very vivid and detailed, even down to remembering the card that was chosen. I wanted to make record of the dream because I felt it meant something. I didn't have pen and paper nearby but of course my cell phone was on the nightstand, so I just recorded what happened on my voicemail.

I recently not only predicted the Super Bowl winner but also how many points they would win by. I also have invited a spectator to bring out any coin from their pocket and I predicted the year on the coin. Many restaurants have menus that have #s next to the dish. I have considered predicting what a new client may order from a vast menu selection...the #s next to each menu selection make this a BREEZE!

Let's get some ideas brewing!
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Feb 18, 2013 01:23PM)
Hi Randy,

Thank you for starting such a great thread about iPredict Pro ideas.

I'll start the thread with the effect that I perform now.

I perform PowerBall 60. I had my friend Mark (who has a great radio voice) record 60 outs that reveal some random lottery numbers with the spectators number as THE winning number.

I have the spectator call the "Lottery Voicemail". Mark's voice reveals their thought of number.

I sometimes perform it with them texting the "Lottery Services". Before I perform the text version, I input the exact location of where we are.

Hence the text reads:

"Thank you for playing Powerball 60. Based on your current location of TGIF in Woodland Hills, CA, your winning Powerball number is 27."

Get's AMAZING reactions.

keep it going guys,
Greg Rostami
Message: Posted by: FredNarlo (Mar 2, 2013 01:03AM)
A recent performance: My wife and I like to cook new recipes together but we never can agree on what to make. We have a recipe box with individual recipe cards with everything from Italian Meatballs to Katsu-don (Japanese dish). She comes home from work and we discuss what to cook then we go shopping for the ingredients. I ask her to pick out something new from the recipe box but I already know what I want to cook (which I keep to myself). There are close to 100 cards in there but the majority of them is stuff we have yet to try. She searches through the cards (which have a little marking I added to each to help me out) and settles on a new chicken taco recipe with a Spanish rice. I say "Wow! We agreed on what to make for dinner! REALLY! Call my phone! You won't believe this!"

My voicemail says "Hello, I can't answer the phone right now. My wife and I are out shopping for ingredients for this delicious new recipe for chicken tacos and Spanish rice. Leave a message and I will call you back after we finish dinner."

We leave to Kroger and she is in awe the whole time. WIN! It's a corny idea, but it just goes to show this app is VERY flexible.