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Topic: Tenyo 2013 items
Message: Posted by: ThatsCool (Feb 17, 2013 03:58PM)
What have you guys seen as the lowest shipped to US price for all four of the 2013 Tenyo tricks?

Thanks :).
Message: Posted by: xl18 (Feb 17, 2013 06:53PM)
There is a store on Rakuten Global that has the following prices (in yen):
Card Surgery: 1323
Memo Pad: 1029
Miracle Coin Thru: 880
Clear Surprise: 880

Express 3 day shipping to USA: 2040
For a total of 6156 yen or around $65 shipped (at current exchange rates).

I think that is the best price I have seen so far.
Message: Posted by: ThatsCool (Feb 18, 2013 06:15PM)
Only $65 shipped to the US?

Wow, thanks xl18, I appreciate the info.
Message: Posted by: MrWizard (Feb 18, 2013 11:12PM)
Hard to beat $65.00 total shipped if you can get that and they are a trust worthy place to buy from. ;)

Good Luck
Message: Posted by: stereo (Feb 19, 2013 08:09AM)
Thank you, very interesting, these price are crazy !
Message: Posted by: xl18 (Feb 19, 2013 08:21AM)
A number of Rakuten/Amazon stores in Japan have the same prices but this was one of the only ones I could find that ship internationally.