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Topic: Recomendations?
Message: Posted by: Blainer (Nov 18, 2003 06:53AM)
Hello, I have been doing magic for a long time now and I have alot of street magic and was now wondering if there is anything new that is worth a look, I am at a stage where I can perform level 5 tricks so nothing to easy please, Is anyone on this forum from England by any chance?
Blainer :D
Message: Posted by: mithrius (Nov 18, 2003 06:58AM)
What is a Level 5 trick?

I wouldn't confuse the difficulty of any move (or set of moves) with the effectiveness of the magic. Do ashes in the palm once and see what I mean.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 18, 2003 07:50AM)
Er…I’ve been actively performing for over 45 years now and haven’t a clue what a level five (5) magic trick is!?! I guess from the context in which the term is used it implies a high degree of difficulty. Frankly, I find the level of difficulty rarely has anything to do with the outcome of the effect, that is, wither it is magical and entertaining or not. In truth (as mithrius accurately points out with his example of ashes to palm) some of the tricks that are technically easy to perform seem to pack a large punch (in terms of the “WOW!” factor).

When you say that you have “a lot of street magic” what do you mean? Again, I am assuming because of the area being posted in and your choice of name you are talking about the odd close-up card and coin trick. I wonder if you consider or include sponge effects, paddles (color changing knives, Shattered, Juju stick, Hot Rod, etc, etc, etc), handkerchief, and ring and string tricks in your categorization of “street magic”?

There have been dozens of threads addressing this very topic. Topics such as what is the best street magic trick, what trick do you use to approach individuals to force magic on them and the like have been discussed at length here. A review of the topics and the content of the topics will give you a solid and complete answer to your question.