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Topic: Pain + time = comedy
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 6, 2013 12:17PM)
These last two weeks, I have been dealing with a ruptured disc.

It reminded me of something my 80 + mother in law Ruthie said.

Tim Conway's old man's walk (ala Carol Burnett) used to be much funnier when I was younger.

Being funny and helping others laugh is continuing to exercise our funny bone.

After two epidermals into my lower spine, I am just starting to write a new bit.

What situation has happened to you that could be a future bit.
Message: Posted by: T. Durden (Mar 7, 2013 11:35AM)
Good Gosh. That sounds painful as heck.

Do you do straight stand-up?

I've always found it difficult to seamlessly integrate pure stand-up into a magic show. Sure, most of us can easily create funny situations during the course of a magic show, and make references and jokes regarding what we're doing (which is pretty much the definition of comedy-magic, IMHO)...

I kick the show off with straight stand-up, while we (myself and the audience) get to know each other, but my onstage persona becomes so frantic deeper into the show, that I've always found it difficult to interject a stand-up bit into the show between tricks. It almost seems "forced," if that makes sense. My character NEEDS to be constantly doing something.

I find that doing any more than 4 or 5 quick jokes between tricks is about my personal max, or my fast-paced momentum of my actual magic loses steam.

I'd love to talk about more personal stuff and do more straight stand-up throughout my shows, but it just doesn't feel right for me.

Have you - or any other comic magicians - run into this problem?
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 7, 2013 12:23PM)
Although I have done straight comedy it was years ago during the 80's.

After that I continued some work with an improv troupe as well as wrote and voiced parts of a comedy radio series.

Will pm with more details.

Message: Posted by: Jim Sparx (Mar 7, 2013 12:33PM)
"What situation has happened to you that could be a future bit." Pain?

Married a lot. I marry women with low expectations. My first wife showed up at the wedding with a date.

If you got back problems this is a good time to bring out the old watch winder sound thingy. Or the neck cracker.
Message: Posted by: T. Durden (Mar 8, 2013 06:45PM)
"If you're havin' back problems I feel bad for you son...
I got 99 problems but a disc ain't one."
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Mar 8, 2013 07:03PM)
On 2013-03-07 12:35, T. Durden wrote:
Do you do straight stand-up?

With his back?

Seriously though, sorry for your troubles Harris.

I was trying to think of things that have happened to me that I turned into bits. Most of them are pretty mundane:

While in a car I got hit on the head by a Ferrero Rocher.

I googled "Tourist attractions in Larne"

I bought a monkey mask on a whim.

Last week I went to the beach with my girlfriend and her 5 year old son and I got him to write me some jokes on the train. Well, I wrote the set-ups and he gave me the punch lines, these were my two favourites:

How do you make a tomato fly?

Put it in a tomato gun and fire it at a nun.

why was the king crying?

Because he had to give a potato to Jesus.

Message: Posted by: T. Durden (Mar 8, 2013 10:50PM)
He should write for Larry the Cable Guy
(Ya know - to make his act a little more intellectual).
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Mar 9, 2013 01:32PM)
I think kids can do surrealism better than adults, they're not trying to be surreal, they just are. I actually tried those jokes on stage on Monday (obviously telling the audience who'd written them first. They went down well.

Your question about getting the balance between stand-up and magic is an interesting one that I used to obsess about a bit. Someone's started a thread on it so I'll answer that there/
Message: Posted by: MichaelKent (Mar 12, 2013 08:21AM)
I'm not sure I've ever met a great comedian who wasn't in SOME sort of pain.
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 15, 2013 02:30PM)
Who was it that said, (or wrote)

If comedy is good medicine, why are some comedians alcoholics?

Be safe, well and real!

Will the real


please stand up