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Topic: "You have a NEW POST on..."
Message: Posted by: Stephon Johnson (Mar 10, 2013 08:32PM)
I know this HAD to have been addressed before (and trust me...I tried to find it before posting this!) but here goes:

Is there some way to add the "RED CUP" feature to my "view this users posts during the last 30 days" function? That would allow me to quickly see if ANY threads I'm actually following have new posts to check out. I haven't even made it to 50 posts yet, and the time consumed in just trying to track down threads in the menu and look for a red cup -OR- click "view full topic" on my 30-day view to see if any new posts. MAYBE I'm missing something here, but it's getting too time consuming the way I'm doing it.
Otherwise, no complaints. Love the fellowship and information on here. Great place!!!