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Message: Posted by: KIDDMAGIC (Mar 11, 2013 11:27PM)
Is anyone else a fan of this man's work? I have only two patter pamphlets from 1950 and 54 from Louis Tannen Co in New York. Can anyone recommend any of his other works?
Message: Posted by: Jim Sparx (Mar 12, 2013 03:30PM)
Try googling his name on that auction site (they don't allow us to mention it), also Amazon. I have everything he has written in the hardbound volumes, and I have corresponded with him. One of Tommy Cooper's major resources. Recommended books is the how to write material books. Bought my first one when I wax a kid (1950) Patter for Standard Tricks, still have it.


He is 86 years old and still funny. What does that tell you about humor and health?
Message: Posted by: KIDDMAGIC (Mar 18, 2013 12:53AM)
Thanks for the response! I love his work. I have the same book.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Mar 23, 2013 01:21AM)
I have photos from his first lecture. He was inspired to perform magic and be a speaker by my mentor Jim Swoger.
Message: Posted by: landmark (Mar 23, 2013 08:18AM)
IIRC he was a regular speech writer for President Gerald Ford. I'd be curious to learn more about that aspect of his career.
Message: Posted by: Martin Joyal (Apr 16, 2013 01:37PM)

I have a few of Orben's books advertized on my web site. Please take a look at http://www.joyalstack.com/

Message: Posted by: Jim Sparx (May 17, 2019 03:49PM)
I have 4 of his Encyclopeda hard bounds for sale, out of six
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Sep 12, 2019 11:17AM)
I used some of his material, as a teenager, in the '40s. It was good, but it didn't 'FIT" me!

I met Bob while staying at Magic Inc's "Charlie Miller Suite", in the '70s.
Message: Posted by: Topper2 (Oct 15, 2019 05:27PM)
Bob Orben, what is there left to say? In their day his gag books were a 'must have' resource for magicians and comics. He released 40 soft cover booklets from the late 1940s until the early 1960s and in my opinion the earliest books were the best as the series declined in usefulness as time went on, the later ones were often based on topical situations that mean little today, though you do come across one or two useable gags if you like gems such as: "My wife told me she's going to dance on my grave - I don't care, I'm being buried at sea!".

Orben went on to release material in six hard back books through the 1960s and 1970s and his last book (no.47!) was more recent than that. The great thing about his material though is you can see how he is constructing his gags and you find yourself writing your own material by following his formula and adapting what he wrote. A lot of his early work wouldn't be appreciated in today's climate, you can't crack jokes about girls in tight sweaters or bouncing your secretary on your knee else you'll be called sexist. Even so there is a lot, a great deal in fact, that is very adaptable for today, after all an old joke is only old if you've heard it before.