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Topic: 2 Independent Apps = 1 Effect
Message: Posted by: mimesis-magic (Mar 18, 2013 12:09AM)
Here’s 2 independent apps that work well together to create one effect:

Effect: A card is freely selected while the performer looks away. The spectator is asked to hold his chosen card face-side against his forehead while his photo is taken as he thinks of his card. When the spectator touches the real-time photo, his chosen card magically appears.

Method: App#1 + App#2 = Effect

App#1: SPY & CAPTURE --- this app will allow you to covertly take a video while the screen is black. You can use this to “electronically peek” a card because when the screen is black the video is still running. Just have the card selection made approximately over / above the i-phone to capture the underside view of the chosen card.

Tip: Use the “VideoF” button for the peek and turn the sound off.

The rationale for the i-phone resting on the table is that you will be using it to take a photo of the spectator with App#2.

When you pick up the phone, you can go to “camera row” and play back the video to see the card selection while using the pretext that you are going to take a photo of the spectator as done with App#2.

> When the video is reviewed for the identity of the chosen card, go to App#2 for the reveal.

App#2: MINDSHOT --- this app allows you to take a photo (head shot) of a spectator and when they touch their forehead in the photo, a chosen card will suddenly appear.

Tip: Use the App in training mode, it’s easier to take the photo and program the needed card while the snap-shot is being made.

Also, both Apps can be placed in the same icon file, along with a copy of the PHOTOS icon for easy access to cut down on swiping between screens.

--- Provided by me & Snug