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Topic: Help with Method and Brainstorming Please
Message: Posted by: theamazingarthur (Mar 23, 2013 06:10PM)
I have an idea for a magic routine while I am juggling. Here's my vision.
Patter outline (rough, very)
"Now I would like to share my juggling routine with you. I realize some of you may be bored with this and you would rather look at picture of cute, fluffy kittens." I now bring out a giant blown up photo of a cat, set it next to me and proceed to juggle, then a minute or two into the routine, I turn it around showing another photo of a cat. Then I say (all of this while juggling..). I realize you may not be cat people, perhaps fluffy, cute puppies are your thing." Bring out giant photo number two, this one of dogs, follow it by turning it around (while juggling) to reveal another dog then when the routine is over. I would like to turn around one or both photos and say..."What you should have really been looking at was this." Then turn them both around to reveal a photo of me juggling or an "applause please" sign or whatever.

Please give me any ideas on how to do this, you can PM me if you like. Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: theamazingarthur (Mar 26, 2013 01:50AM)
Really, no replies at all? I'm quite dissapointed.
Message: Posted by: Ado (Mar 27, 2013 01:20AM)
Have the pictures lightly fixed to a frame, with velcro on top.
During your juggling, when you juggle very high, have a friend with a long skirt folded so that it looks like a short, and velcro on her knees/socks get closer to the frames. When you throw the balls high, she pushes her knees on the frames, has the velcro bind, steps back and releases the dress that now covers her legs and the pictures. She stays there until when you take the frames and show them, at which point she moves away whike no one looks at her akward way to walk. Can be made better if the pictures are pre rolled, to that detaching them makes them wrap around the leg.

There, you've got one approach which I find deceptive, with I believe good misdirection.
Or you could buy and frame big electronic ink screens?