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Topic: Hank Morehouse
Message: Posted by: Markus Pocus (Nov 22, 2003 10:00AM)
What is the effect? I want to include a silk trick in my kids show (Marcus The Nonsense) and someone said that Hank Morehouse is a very good silk trick.

What is the trick and where can I buy the secret?

my website is here http://www.topiary.fsnet.co.uk/magic



Does no-one know the trick called "Hank Morehouse?"

Where can I buy the secret?
Message: Posted by: charliemagic (Nov 23, 2003 05:46AM)
Only 'Hank Morehouse' I know is a well known Magician.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Nov 23, 2003 07:07AM)
Hi Markus:

Yes, Hank Morehouse is the name of a performer/dealer in magic. There is no trick named "Hank Morehouse" but maybe there's some effect he has invented that your friend likes. See if you can get more information, and I'm sure someone can help.

In the meantime, try the mis-made flag routine. It is a wonderful silk trick for kids. You can buy it many places, but try http://www.laflinmagic.com. They have a very nice version at a reasonable price.

Message: Posted by: Markus Pocus (Nov 23, 2003 03:18PM)
Mr Reid

Thank you so much. I do gospel magic. Does Mr LaflinMagic (that name is a mouthful) supply me with a gospel routine or shall I use the routine given to me by De'Vo of SuperHandz?

Message: Posted by: charliemagic (Nov 23, 2003 03:48PM)
Mr LaflinMagic is very well known as a Gospel magician.He even has a monthly magazine dedicated to Gospel magic & patter..
Give him a call..
A lot of his items has a gospel patter included..
Just give him a call,,you will be very happy.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Nov 23, 2003 04:55PM)

Charlie is right - Duane Laflin is one of the best resources for gospel magic, especially if you're looking for gospel magic using silks.

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 7, 2003 12:47AM)
I think you could reach Hank Moorehouse through the Society of American Magicians (a past president) or George (also a past president) at ShowBiz Services in New York.

The last time I saw Hank and Duane they were setup in the dealer room facing each other August at the KIDabra in Gatinburg, Tennessee.

Both are very fine folks and men you need to meet in this business.

Good Luck!