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Topic: Learning "Zone Zero" by Jerry Andrus
Message: Posted by: J-L Sparrow (Mar 28, 2013 05:09PM)

I recently acquired Jerry Andrus' "Zone Zero II" trick and have been practicing it. It's quite nice to practice it in front of a mirror as it looks like I really am producing a ball from nowhere!

(You could say I'm literally [i]having a ball[/i] with Zone Zero!) :P

Whereas I'm enjoying learning the trick, I have to say that the instructions it comes with leave something to be desired: The figures aren't always clear as to what angle they're supposed to be in; one figure the instructions refer to is missing; the instructions don't have as much detail as I'd like them to have.

"Zone Zero II" does come with a DVD, however, so I figured I'd learn as much as I could of the basic moves from the printed instructions and then view the DVD to see the moves "in real life" and in more detail.

Unfortunately, the included DVD only really exposes the trick while showing Jerry's well-known couple-minute routine. It doesn't really take the time to [i]teach[/i] anything, other than giving you an idea of how quick and fluid the trick can look like with enough practice.

So far I really like Zone Zero, and I hope to practice it enough where I can finally show it off some day, but in the meantime I'd really like some nice, detailed explanations of how to hold the props and move myself during the routine. (I thought this would be covered in the accompanying DVD, but I found this wasn't the case.) To be fair, [i]some[/i] of this is covered in the printed instructions, but not as much as I'd like.

Now, I've looked around on the Internet and found Volume 1 of Jerry Andrus' "A Lifetime of Magic" which, according to a description I read, performs and explains his "Zone Zero" routine (among other tricks). I'm tempted to get this DVD just for the additional help with the Zone Zero routine, but I'm worried that the explanation I get from that DVD is the same one as the one that comes on the "Zone Zero II" accompanying DVD.

Plus, it's not cheap, so I don't want to spend money just to get a video routine & explanation that I already own.

So can anyone tell me if Volume I of Jerry Andrus' "A Lifetime of Magic" comes with a different (and hopefully clearer) explanation of the "Zone Zero" routine?

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Mar 29, 2013 09:48AM)
That I could not tell you, since I built mine after purchasing all three volumes on VHS tape back in the day. They are worth having, regardless. Cutting edge stuff there.

I had ACME Plastics make my Zone Zero out of black plexi. I bought the little yellow ball at Walgreens. I spent ONE YEAR practicing over and over before showing anyone. You know the move to show both sides. When it's time to pull the ball out, I have the ZZ way out away from my body, so there is no suspicion of body loads.

I wish I could give more detail, but really, I'd need a video to explain it better.