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Topic: Fortuneteller's Book of Days
Message: Posted by: Steve Burton (Apr 2, 2013 03:18PM)
I've been working with this effect and noticed something that may be of interest to anyone who owns one. The cards used in the routine are a block of cards from a Si Stebbins stack beginning with the Ace of Clubs. Why this is not mentioned in the instructions is a mystery to me. It is very useful when stacking the cards from a shuffled deck; you just start at the Ace of Clubs and end with the Five of Spades.
Message: Posted by: alicauchy (Apr 4, 2013 03:17AM)
I do not own one of these books of days, but Alex Elmsley's complete works.

Elmsley's "Fate Datebook" is said to be a predecessor of Green's effect, and the performer needs to memorize eleven cards . . . wouln't it be easier to remember a substack from Si Stebbins ?
Message: Posted by: Steve Burton (Apr 6, 2013 04:31PM)
Yes, I believe you're right; it would be easier to commit to memory a subset of a stack. My reason for posting was to point out that this was not mentioned in the instructions or is it used in Elmsley's original Datebook effect.
Message: Posted by: alicauchy (Apr 8, 2013 01:45PM)
I did not see any reference in Elmsley. You could use a part of your preferred stacked deck (Tamariz, Aronson, ...) as well.
Message: Posted by: Steve Burton (Apr 8, 2013 02:01PM)
No, sorry (I wish) but the Fortuneteller's Book of Days has the cards actually printed in each day's area so it's not interchangeable with other stacks. I see why they chose the Si Stebbins set-up; it's easy to use. By the way, I highly recommend John Luka's book LINT for a way to instantly repeat the Fortuneteller's Book effect with another spectator's birthday. It's sneaky and really rounds out the effect.