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Topic: Need help with a Christian author trying to find a disappearing act for the stage
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Apr 3, 2013 10:04AM)
I know a Christian author from the UK who is going to go on tour later this year and much of his talk is about magic. He asked me about a stage effect similar to the transported man from The Prestige and of course I suggested to him "Metamorphosis"

I know the effect, it seems easy enough to learn. But does anyone know where is the an affordable place to pick one up? I realize they are not cheap. Or perhaps someone here might have another suggestion?

I realize this is difficult to suggest, especially through a third person (me)

I actually don't know if he could have an assistant (which you need) but I do know he is very interested in the aspect of what the Prestige was about, he writes,

"It uses the structure of the Vanishing trick to explore faith, Christianity and the embrace of depth in life. It is in three parts a) The Pledge b) The Turn c) The Prestige. These are the three parts of a vanishing act (the object is shown, disappears and then is brought back). I argue for the idea of Christ as a divine magician, enacting this trick."

He added

"Yeah. I'm looking to do a vanishing act that uses a curtain, and where the object returns in some way after the disappearance"

If I get more from him, I will come back and let you know but in the mean time thank you for your help