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Topic: My Christmas Film List
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 24, 2003 05:45PM)
Hi, my name is Beetroot and I'm a Christmas Nut!

I love watching Christmas films (i.e. films about or based around Christmas). I don't get time to watch as many as I like, but here is my run-down for this year (it's the same as any other year, plus any additional films that are available).

1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (YES! I know it's not a Christmas film but I always watch it when the Christmas decorations have gone up in the local shopping centre).
2. The Santa Claus Brothers - animated film. Not great, but it was cheap so we watched it at the weekend.
3. Elf - Saw it at the weekend. It was so-so, but got me in the Christmas mood.
4. Scrooged
5. Miracle on 34th Street (90's version)
6. Scrooge (the musical) - I usually watch this when putting up my Christmas tree.
7. It's a Wonderful Life. One of the things that "engaged" my wife before we started seeing each other was me trying to replicate James Stewart's defense of his Dad to Potter after Potter went on about having a "discontented, lazy rabble instead of a thrifty working class" (if my memory serves me right).
8. Scrooge (Alastair Sim)
9. The Santa Clause (my wife's favourite)

Not sure if the Santa Clause II will be on the list for this year. Possibly rental, but I've bought all of the above (except for Elf of course).

I'll also be looking out for any feelgood movies. Note that I've never seen White Christmas.

If only The Man In The Santa Claus suit was available (Fred Astaire in, I think, a TV film where he plays Santa in seven different guises) - that would really make my day.

No responses necessary. Just thought I'd share :xmas:
Message: Posted by: Craig Krisulevicz (Nov 24, 2003 06:04PM)
I can't believeyou didn't put "A Christmas Story" on there! I love that movie. The Ralph's old man is so *** funny.
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 24, 2003 06:18PM)
I've never heard of it! (I'll do a search on Google).
Message: Posted by: Payne (Nov 24, 2003 06:20PM)
My must see Xmas movie list

Scrooge, I too put this on whilst putting up the tree.
Black Adder Christmas. The first apperance of Hagrid is on this special.
One Magic Christmas. Love the Santa in this one.
Miracle on 34 Street. The glorious Black and White one not the 90's travesty.
A Christmas Story. I had a Red Ryder BB gun!
Mr. McGoo's Christmas Carol. The spouses favorite.
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 24, 2003 06:25PM)
Oh!!!! I forgot A Muppet Christmas Carol. I don't own it but I always try to watch it - "Heatwave!!!"
Message: Posted by: zeroG (Nov 24, 2003 06:30PM)
1. A Christmas Story (I triple-dog-dare-ya not to see it!)
2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
3. A Year Without Santa

Although I always get those puppet-stop-motion movies mixed up. Which one has the Abomitable Snowman and which one has the Heat Miser?
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 24, 2003 06:34PM)
On 2003-11-24 19:20, Payne wrote:
Miracle on 34 Street. The glorious Black and White one not the 90's travesty.
I was surprised to find I preferred the 90's version. However, both are light years ahead of the TV film version with Roddy McDowall (if my memory serves me correctly) which I couldn't bear to watch much further than just past the titles.
Message: Posted by: Justin R (Nov 24, 2003 07:01PM)
Don't forget National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Message: Posted by: Andini (Nov 24, 2003 09:25PM)
Don't forget Santa Clause 2

Also, "Christmas Every Day" is good. One of my favs
Message: Posted by: Margarette (Nov 24, 2003 10:37PM)
I can't believe no one said "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!! :wow: My holiday season does not start until I watch that! But then, that might be because I'm a Peanuts Gang fanatic :bigdance: It's a good thing I have it on video, although the DVD version is on my birthday list.

Other Christmas movies on my list"

It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th St (Natalie Wood version)
The Santa Clause (I and II)
Scrooge (Albert Finney version)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animation w/ Boris Karlof narrating)
Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Nov 24, 2003 11:08PM)
Silent Night, Deadly Night.
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Nov 25, 2003 02:24AM)
Home alone.


Message: Posted by: Justin R (Nov 25, 2003 04:21AM)
Jingle All The Way
Message: Posted by: Andini (Nov 25, 2003 06:30AM)
Margarette, I forgot! I love the animated Grinch movie. The live-action Jim Carey one doesn't even COMPARE to the original!

Go Grinch! :dancing:
Message: Posted by: kihei kid (Nov 25, 2003 06:32AM)
The Ref
Message: Posted by: irossall (Nov 25, 2003 06:35AM)
Just two gotta see's on my list.
1. It's a Wonderful Life
2. A Christmas Story
Beetroot, do yourself a favor, watch A Christmas Story this Christmas season, you will never regret it and I'll bet you buy a copy of your own and will never consider it Christmas until you watch it at least once every Christmas season.
For those who may not know the significance of The Wizard Of Oz characters in the Christmas parade in the movie A Christmas Story. The Wizard Of Oz was traditionaly shown on television during the Christmas holiday season. I don't know when that tradition came to an end but I am glad that I grew up at a time when tradition really ment something in America.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Nov 25, 2003 04:22PM)
Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwartzenegger.
Another funny Christmas movie. Sinbad is very funny in his role as a mailman, Phil Hartman is in it and plays a very seedy character and Robert Conrad has some funny scenes in it too. It is worth a viewing if you have never seen it.

Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Nov 26, 2003 10:37AM)
Iven! Christmas Story takes place before television. I always thought the Oz characters were in the parade because the movie was still a hit in the theatres.

Also, I just saw Santa Clause 2 last night and must officially add it to my "Awesome Christmas Movies" list. What a hoot that one was!
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 26, 2003 04:30PM)
On 2003-11-25 00:08, dpe666 wrote:
Silent Night, Deadly Night.
When I started this topic I had two thoughts in mind:

1. What films will I watch
2. I wonder what dpe666 will say :)

I'm trying to track down a PAL copy of A Christmas Story. If anyone has any pointers that would be good.
Message: Posted by: irossall (Nov 29, 2003 01:26PM)
Firedice27 stated "Iven! Christmas Story takes place before television. I always thought the Oz characters were in the parade because the movie was still a hit in the theatres." Yes, you are correct Firedice but I am partially correct. As a kid growing up in the 50's and early 60's The Wizard Of Oz was shown on television every Christmas season. My Mom tells me that The Wizard Of Oz was played in the theaters every Christmas season also. As many times as I have watched A Christmas Story, I am suprised that I forgot that the time period of the movie is the late 40's. My memory is not as good as it should be, I guess the 60's were very good to me :rotf:
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: marko (Nov 29, 2003 04:58PM)
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
Message: Posted by: Lo-Key (Nov 29, 2003 08:39PM)
King of kings
the real christmas story
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Nov 30, 2003 11:36AM)
Oh man! Marko picked a good one!

I also can't believe no one has mentioned some of the classics like White Christmas (Bing Crosby & Danny Kay) and The Bells of St. Mary.

Also, for you Star Wars geeks (like me) try to find a bootleg copy of the Star Wars Christmas Special that aired on CBS in 1977. It's HORRIBLE! (But I mean that in the good way)
Message: Posted by: boblinds (Nov 30, 2003 12:37PM)
Add the Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffed version of "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."

Also, for the Christmas action fans: Die Hard :)
Message: Posted by: Beetroot (Nov 30, 2003 04:44PM)
I quite like watching episodes of Ali McBeal at Christmas as well as they get into the Christmas spirit and they're all bonkers.
Message: Posted by: ChrisZampese (Nov 30, 2003 06:16PM)
Excellent choice boblinds!!
Die Hard is a must see at Christmas as far as I am concerned!!
Message: Posted by: placebo (Nov 30, 2003 07:51PM)
What's the one with Dudley Moore as an elf and has the guy from 3rd Rock From The Sun as the bad guy? I love that one.