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Topic: Spinning Balls
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Apr 15, 2013 10:41AM)
Where can I get spinning balls like these? I don't think these are available in juggling shops.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 17, 2013 08:40AM)
Hi Lou
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Apr 17, 2013 06:25PM)
On 2013-04-17 09:40, Al Angello wrote:
Hi Lou

Thanks Al! I assume they have to be under inflated, tacky and heavy to be able to spin like these. I did order from dube.com but they only have the 6.5 inch ones.

I went to a Toy store and they have exactly the same design balls but are so light.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 18, 2013 06:52AM)
Yea you want them kinda flat on the bottom.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Apr 19, 2013 08:52AM)
I finally found a site to order them.
Message: Posted by: Daeld (Apr 20, 2013 12:31AM)
On 2013-04-17 19:25, Lou Hilario wrote:

Thanks Al! I assume they have to be under inflated, tacky and heavy to be able to spin like these.

From the video, I didn't think that they looked too heavy...Could you post a brief review once you've played around with them for a bit, please?
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 21, 2013 08:50AM)
They look very light because the performer wants you to believe that they float in the air.
Message: Posted by: Daeld (Apr 21, 2013 11:21AM)
Oh, I'm aware that they're heavier than they look; I just thought that the way he was using it mean that it was, perhaps a bit on the lighter side. Particularly on the flower, but looking back a the video, it seems the flower is quite re-enforced.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Apr 21, 2013 11:54AM)
I am wondering if these balls could also be used for spinning?
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (May 19, 2013 03:36PM)
I sell spinning balls. They come in two sizes and 9 colours.

The 360g balls are £8.99 and the 420g balls are £9.99 (excluding shipping).

You can email me roslyn@roslynwalker.com if you'd like more info.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (May 19, 2013 07:16PM)
These are the ones (360g) I bought recently but they are not what I expected. They just spin like the basketballs. And I am unable to place them on a stick.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (May 20, 2013 12:02PM)
How do you mean "they spin like basket balls". Don't all balls spin this way?

And when you are balancing them on a stick, do you mean the stick has a pointed end and it spins on that or do you mean you are balancing it on a mouth stick without it spinning?
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (May 20, 2013 05:48PM)
Hi Roslyn,
I was referring to the video I posted on my first post of this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7pUlJc5Kpw
Basketballs can spin only around 10 seconds. And the balls I have have similar qualities.
I am still in search for the rubber balls that can spin longer.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (May 21, 2013 04:13AM)
Have you had a look at the Mr Babache spinning balls?

Made from PVC they are perfectly balanced and made specifically for spinning.

They aren't cheap. Retailing at about £30 each. But they are what I personally use.

I spin the ball on a long pole balanced on my head and it goes for quite some time.

Of course it might be technique that's at fault and not the balls you own. Do you have any contact with ball spinners in your area? Or can you get to a convention and join a ball spinning workshop? If you can alter your technique and use what you already own you'll obviously be saving some serious cash.

My father-in-law uses, I believe, Dubé spinning balls and these are amazing to use. He bought them over 15 years ago. Not sure if the ones sold now are the same as the ones sold then. But if they are, and you can afford them, I'd go that way. I can't get Dubé balls. You'll have to order from the USA. I do stock the Babache balls though and these are the closest you'll find to Dubé without going for Dubé.

But I'd really try and find someone to help you with what you've got if you haven't done so already.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Jul 7, 2015 07:42PM)
I am still in search for the soft rubber spinning balls that are larger than 12 inches in diameter. Does anyone know where to get them? The ones I got from firetoys.com are more like gymnast balls.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (May 10, 2017 05:37PM)
Until now, I haven't found the Spinning Balls that I am looking for. I am searching for the large soft ones like these. I hope someone here knows.