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Topic: Just renewed
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Apr 24, 2013 08:30AM)
After a year long lapse in membership due to a job loss, I recently bit the bullet and renewed my membership in the IBM. Although I cannot afford the conventions, and the closest Ring is more than 2 hours away, I decided it was worthwhile to get back in.

I look forward to once again receiving the Linking Ring, and taking advantage of all the benefits I can.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 24, 2013 08:13PM)
Welcome back, Mike! We hope things are improving for you.

Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Apr 25, 2013 07:46AM)
Slowly but surely, Skip!

My current "mission" is to build a full-length stage show that I can use to help various organizations raise money for their causes (and, of course, make a little myself). I have currently inventoried what I have now (several stage effects--probably 30 minutes worth or so), but no illusions. Still smarting from the job loss and resultant drastic decrease in income.

The concept is that I would work on a 70%/30% split of the box office. I already have one organization lined up...the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention of Alcona County. I have appeared for free in their annual Family Fun Night variety show every year.

I thought it would be ideal to help local community theatres raise funds...they provide the venue, sound, lights, etc...I provide the show and we do the split.

My problem is trying to get my hands on some nice illusions that I can put into the show to give it a "bigger" feel.

With funds being virtually non-existent, I may have to do a fundraiser myself! LOL.

What would be ideal is a retiring magician that would like to donate some of his/her props to a good cause...where they will be properly used and cared for. Short of that, a source of a few used illusions that can be picked up very inexpensively.

Doe any of you, my fellow magi, have any ideas or leads where I might do this?

I appreciate any thoughts!...including whether my idea is a stupid one or not!
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (May 2, 2013 08:32PM)
What you are offering/selling is ENTERTAINMENT. Entertainment does not 'come' by the yard or by the pound! Entertainment is measured by smiles, chuckles giggles and laughs. Entertainment is measured by the OOOOHS and the AHHHS!

For years I did phone promotion shows. I did my own phoning. I mostly worked on a flat fee of $1000. I did a 60 minute show.

The show was family fun oriented. We always started at 7:00 PM and finished at 8:00 PM. (School kids need their sleep. Many parents have favorite TV shows.

The show was my 45 minute school assembly program with 15 minutes of added material. The 'big' props included a Mutilated Parasol, a silk production from a Merv Taylor Tambourine and sometimes an arm chopper (Disecto).

The school show carries in a fibre case 13" x 20" x 8", and weighs a little over 20 lbs. The other props noted above carried in a separate case, which also carried a few back up props and replaceables like balloon and paper hats.

The school show prop set up: 4 minutes. The extra 15 minute props (silk load) 5 minutes. Tear down and packing about the same.

I carried a couple waiter tray stands, and a Jet Set backdrop. 5 minutes to set the Jet Set, if it was needed.

I also carried, to use only when necessary: a half dozen 150 watt par lamps with clamps to go on chairs or ?

Most shows that work on percentage do a 60/40 split. I carried a pitch package (booklet of kid tricks, or balloon animal package.
When I pitched Svengali Decks the mark up we figured had to be 8 x the cost. (.25 cost == 2.00 sale.

I offered the committee if they handled the sales of pitch items. Usually 10%. Another perk for them was they could sell pop corn and keep it all.

The pitch or inside money should "move the show". (The pitch income should handle motels, meals, mileage. Show fee goes in bank.
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (May 2, 2013 09:15PM)
Thanks for the kind words of advice, Dick. I appreciate your wisdom and experience.

The show that I currently have scripted (approximately half of the eventual show) would probably carry in the equivalent of a carry-on bag. I love the "packs small plays big" philosophy...no trailers, ATA cases, etc.

I am looking to find some things that will play big on stage, plus allow my style as a story-teller to shine.

I will be using the Snowstorm, Silk Fountain, Floating Rose, perhaps the dancing hanky. I plan to open the show with a shadow box. I have a few audience participation style effects (especially for kids) such as Robert Baxt's mouthcoil routine, Jef Eaton's Kandu Komedy Karton, and a few others.

Again...I appreciate your words of wisdom!
Message: Posted by: Ba Ba Booey (May 11, 2013 10:42AM)
Congrats on renewing. You were lucky to do it just before the membership dues increased.
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (May 11, 2013 11:35AM)
Thanks Ba Ba Booey! The only problem is, I can't log on to the dang website...doesn't recognize my membership number. Sindie is working on it, but so far no luck.
Message: Posted by: Ba Ba Booey (May 11, 2013 02:59PM)
It'll eventually work out. Sometimes it takes time and you've got to be patient.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (May 11, 2013 04:12PM)
You're not the only one goingthrough this right now, Mike. Sindie, Sammy Smith and the tech crew areworking hard to resolve it for everyone. Sorry!