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Topic: Combining interest with comedy
Message: Posted by: harris (Apr 29, 2013 01:25PM)
I have been using puppets for quite a while now. (since 1973, said Nigel the puppet that rocks and talks)

Four years ago, my wife bought me my first Ukulele.

While preparing for a show at the Puppetry Arts Museum, I started looking at combining the two together.

What I came up with was using a small baby hand puppet. At first she just plucks the strings...then plays twinkle twinkle little star...that songs morphs to ba ba black sheep..(same notes)..and then into a blues run. I am of course providing the left hand fingers on the fret board.

Following that she sings a blues song...with me backing her up on the harmonica.
She sings "in baby". Following that I interpret her baby talk.

What interest, other than magic, juggling or puppetry have you combined with your comedy?