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Topic: Sweaty Hands!
Message: Posted by: kellser121 (May 23, 2002 03:08PM)
Any of you wise old folk out there have any tips to try and stop your hands getting sweaty! With me its not just nerves, I seem to just have fairly sweaty palms anyway! I have tried anti-perspirants but they make my hands sticky!
Any help would be much appreciated,
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (May 23, 2002 03:12PM)
Try to not make a fist when walking or talking to people. Keep them open. I used to have a problem like that. But now I just don't make fists unless I'm doing coin magic. :righton:
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (May 23, 2002 04:15PM)
Try soaking your hands in cold water. It works for me. I have the sweaty hands syndrome pretty much all the time, and so I will try Coolmoney's tip and report back.
Message: Posted by: kellser121 (May 24, 2002 01:08PM)
Cheers guys, obviously be trying both of them, i also had a thought myself, bit of talcum powder helps a bit as well.
Message: Posted by: Andini (May 24, 2002 06:54PM)
I've found "Glycerin and Rosewater" to have helped tremendously! You can get it any Drug Store. I got mine at Walgreens.
Message: Posted by: Cornelius (May 30, 2002 05:37PM)
I just turn the tap as cold as it can get and rinse my hands in it till they get drier.

Cornelius. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (May 31, 2002 12:46AM)
Do a search of the Cafe for the word "sweaty". I found quite a few topics devoted to the care of sweaty palms. Rosemary oil was among the treatments mentioned.
Message: Posted by: Jimmy Lee (May 31, 2002 05:30AM)
Try some of those foot spray that keeps your feet dry.
It works on hands as well.
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jun 3, 2002 01:35AM)
Kellser121 you read my mind, I have sweaty hands and have tried everything to stop them from perperating! The talc works well and leaves my hands smelling fresh!