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Topic: What's the name of this trick?
Message: Posted by: Turk (May 5, 2013 01:40AM)
A magician in our club picked up a magic prop at a local garage sale but it had no name associated with it. He has looked through a lot of old catalogs and cannot find anything close to it. He estimates that the prop is from the late '50s or early 60s...but this is strictly a WAG.

Here's the description of the prop and the effect:

The prop is a flat piece of wood that measure approx 15"-18" tall and approximately 12" wide and is made of approximately 3/8" thick wood that is enameled painted.

On the front, the prop has the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the left side and the numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the right side. Around each side adjacent to each number is an elastic band (similar to what is used in clothing waist bands) that has four elastic band openings sufficient to hold a card firmly against the front of the board. On top of the board is another piece of elastic sufficient to hold a card against the board.

The back of the board is nondescript and plays no part in the trick.

At the start of the trick, the magician takes out a deck of red-backed cards from a red box. Within the red deck is "discovered" a blue card which the magician carelessly gets rid of by placing it (leaning) against the front of the wood stand. Next he "shuffles" the deck and then deals off 8 cards into a packet. Various audience members will call out a number from 1-8 and the magician takes the top card from this card packet and places it securely behind the elastic immediately adjacent to the called-out number. This process is repeated for all unused numbers until all cards from this 8-card packet have been placed under the elastic immediately adjacent to one of the eight numbered positions. 8 cards...8 elastic band slots.

Next the magician brings out a small erasable board and asks various members of the audience for a 3-digit number...and the magician writes down the given numbers...each 3-digit number immediately below all of the preceding called-out 3-doigit number(s). (This procedure was done 3 (maybe 4) times. Next the magician adds up the total of these 3-digit numbers and, declaring that the resulting number is too big, he engages in "mathematical reduction" and adds up the total of the digits of that number. This "mathematical reduction" process is repeated until the magician ends up with a single-digit number. Then, card behind the elastic immediately adjacent to that final "mathematically-reduced" number is removed and placed under the elastic at the top of the apparatus. The apparatus is then turned around to reveal the identities of all eight cards and, wonder upon wonders, the card now isolated at the top of the apparatus is then shown to match the blue-backed card that was initially removed from the red-backed deck at the start of the effect.

I know,...not the greatest magic trick in the world, but,...does anyone have the name of this effect so that this magician can do some research on the prop that he has? Any info in these regards would be appreciated and I'll pass it on to the magician.

Thank you for bearing with me as I posted this loong description of this unknown effect.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (May 5, 2013 05:00AM)
Sounds like an early version of Slate of Mind.
Message: Posted by: Turk (May 5, 2013 11:13AM)
On 2013-05-05 06:00, Michael Baker wrote:
Sounds like an early version of Slate of Mind.

Thanks for that information, Michael. I'll pass it on to this magician.