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Topic: Himber Ring
Message: Posted by: mikeylbl (Oct 29, 2001 07:39AM)
Hello all :)

Has anyone used or played around with a Himber ring during your performances?

I have one.. a signet style one.

Also bought a himber ring routine book..

by Jerry Mentzer.

Itís a pretty good book. Showís the basic handling of the ring and some nice routineís too.

I really havenít touched it for a while..

But anyone have any comments on the himber ring and its opportunties??




Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Oct 29, 2001 11:38AM)
I think it's one of the most powerful effects you can do--it absolutely KILLS! My favorite handling is Richard Osterlind's, which is being used by many of the "names."
Message: Posted by: MichelAsselin (Feb 2, 2002 11:40PM)
If you get hold of the Osterlind video, you will get a feel for the effect. It is not a burn-my-hands effect - you must keep moving. that is why the Wilson handling is the best in most instances (i.e. the bachelor friend), but one must pay the price.

Roger Klause has a beautiful handling, but it calls for serious practice. Osterlind has a nice touch in which the last two are separated while you are burned! My handling is a hybrid of Klause and Osterlind, with a little sleeving thrown in.

The coolest approach to the effect has to be Harry Andersonís. Anderson uses 5 (!!!) borrowed rings. And an audience.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 3, 2002 01:48AM)
Yeah--not much of a trick without an audience! ;)
Message: Posted by: daleshrimpton (Feb 6, 2002 06:50AM)
Paul Daniels, some years ago, did all the linking inside a paper bag. this has the advantage of not being seen, but detracts from the magic.
I agree that Osterlinds version is great, and is shown on his challenge magic video.
but one thing to remember is, this trick is down to bold use misdirection, and little else. you must forget what you are doing with your hands, and maintain eye contact with the whole audience from the start of the effect, until they recieve their rings back.