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Topic: Guitar Playing affect your magic or vice versa?
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Nov 29, 2003 09:43AM)
I've noticed a number of guitar players here at the forum. I haven't been playing and I want to get back to it.

I was wondering, has the calluses affected your ability to perform sleights, especially with cards ?
The opposite question, of course, came to mind. Has keeping your hands moist with lotion for magic affected your ability to build good calluses for playing? Should I just take Zappa's advice and "Shut Up and Play my Guitar." :lol:

Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Nov 29, 2003 10:23AM)
I've been a guitar player for the past fifteen years. Electric using .09 strings, so my calluses are not too note-worthy (pun intended). I think that calluses are about as needed for playing guitar as lotion is for doing magic.

I say "shut up and do both!"
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Nov 29, 2003 11:41AM)
I have been playing for the last 17 years on .09 strings, and I agree with Firedice27. However, I will say that playing keeps your dexterity up. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Al Kazam the Magic Man (Nov 29, 2003 12:39PM)
Maybe he's talking about acoustic strings. Mine are from .12 to .53 and if I play alot I do get callouses.
Doesn't effect my magic any though.
Message: Posted by: irossall (Nov 29, 2003 01:34PM)
Having played the guitar just a little longer than doing Magic (43 yrs.) I think that it really makes no difference. If anything, the two compliment each other. Both are great fun and I would never give up one great pleasure for another (unless my doctor told me to :lol: ). I have seen a couple of profesional Magician's who play a little guitar in their show.
My opinion is, have fun and do both. Maybe you can do a Zombie effect using your guitar or some other Magical effect.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: Lo-Key (Nov 29, 2003 08:41PM)
I play giutar with my feet so there is no problems with my fingers

just kidding
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Nov 30, 2003 01:34AM)
Ah yes, acoustic strings are a bit tougher. But let me tell ya, nothing beats an inflamed ankle from going at that wah pedal like a hell-bent maniac!

(Umm... that, of course, wouldn't hurt your magic either.)
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Nov 30, 2003 08:10AM)
It seems I've been worried about nothing. I use 0.10 on my electric and Medium Elixir's (0.13 - 0.56 ) on my acoustic. I haven't been playing the electric lately. Now all I need to do is become indpendently wealthy to have enough free time to enjoy both hobbies.