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Topic: Memorized Deck Mastery - Aronson Stack
Message: Posted by: baobow (May 20, 2013 02:24AM)
Another great article from Dennis:-


Are there any other patterns and nice to knows about the Aronson stack that you have inherently discovered that you have found useless during your Memorized Deck Mastery?

Excerpt from Dennis' article:-

As you continue to work with a memorized stack, you’ll discover many other patterns that contribute to “mastery.” In the Aronson Stack, it’s handy to know things like this:

1. The Nine of Hearts and Nine of Diamonds are ten cards apart. (42 & 52)

2. The Ten of Clubs is surrounded by the Red Jacks.

3. The King of Hearts is surrounded by the Red Fours.

4. The Six of Diamonds is surrounded by the Black Queens.

5. The Three and Four of Clubs are Five cards apart. (40 & 45)

6. The Three of Spades and Four of Spades are twenty cards apart. (17 & 37)

7. The Two and Three of Hearts are three cards apart. (4 & 7)

8. The card following the Two of Hearts is the Nine of Spades, while the card following the Two of Spades is the Nine of Hearts.
Message: Posted by: landmark (May 21, 2013 07:31AM)
[quote]...discovered that you have found useless ...[/quote]
I've got lots of [i]useless[/i] info at my fingertips, but the above could be [i]useful[/i] someday. :)
Fun topic. Here are some more:

9. All four Aces are in the top half of the stack. (6, 10, 18, 22)
10. The four 4s are all in the second half of the stack, within 16 cards. (29, 31, 37, 45)
11. Three of the Jacks are within 4 cards of each other, and the fourth Jack, sitting on top, is easy to get to.
12. Shuffle-Bored fans and others might like knowing that of the first 26 cards, 13 are black and 13 are red. The same, of course is true of the bottom 26.

Here's an idea that may be useful to Berglas fans as well: in addition to the spelling stack built in from positions 10 to 15, you can reach another batch of cards by spelling as follows. Turn the deck face up. You can hit the 2S and 3C by spelling and the card will now be staring you in the face. But wait that's not all! Add the word "THE" before the card name and you can land directly on the 6H and JD. But wait, that's not all! Using "THE" and counting from the face you can also hit the 4S and 10H so that the card is staring you in the face. But wait!--turn the deck back face down. You can also get to the 8C and 3S by adding "THE" and showing the next card. So [b]that's a total of 14 named cards--more than a quarter of the deck--that you can get to with no adjustment at all.[/b] I don't believe I've seen that documented anywhere else before. :)
Message: Posted by: Atom3339 (May 21, 2013 11:17AM)
Niiiice, landmark!

Now how about some trivia on the Mnemonica mem deck?
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (May 21, 2013 01:09PM)
OK, Atom3339, here's some trivia about the Tamariz/Mnemonica stack:

The 10H (38) and 9D (52) are in exactly the same locations in both the Aronson and Tamariz stacks.

Any Queen is just two cards away from another Queen. (QH at 11, and QC at 13, QD at 46, QS at 48). The top half contains 1 red and 1 black queen, as does the bottom half.

With the deck face-down, you can spell "Queen of Clubs" (1 card for each letter), and the card remaining on the top of the deck will be the QC.

With the deck face-up, you can spell "Ace of Clubs" (1 card for each letter), and the last card you deal will be the AC.

With the the face-up, you can spell "Four of Spades" (1 cards for each letter), and the card remaining on the face will be the 4S. This also works for the AD.

The AH (51) can be retrieved with a glide, while the 2H (2) can be shown with a DL.

For Shuffle-Bored fans, give the deck an in-faro, then cut the 10D (45th card from the top after the in-faro) to the top. Break the deck with the 8C (which is the 21st card at this point) being the bottom card of the top half. After the usual procedure, they'll have 21 face-up cards, 13 of which are red, and all the remaining black cards will be clubs, except for the KS.

Shuffle-Bored approach 2: Cut the 6H to the top, then do an out-faro. From there, proceed as above (Cutting the deck with the 8C as the face-card of the top half, and making the same prediction), and you'll get the same results.
Message: Posted by: Atom3339 (May 22, 2013 12:27AM)
Scott, YOU are The Man! What a great start!
Message: Posted by: Mikael (May 22, 2013 06:10PM)
Scott, amazing! Specially the subtleties for shuffle-bored. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: baobow (May 22, 2013 06:38PM)
I was playing around with the Aronson stack and noticed that if you give the deck 3 out faros, only two cards will need to be displaced from the top half of the deck to have a similar setup to perform Paul Green's take on Shuffle-bored - 'Jeopardy'. The two cards will be the top card of the deck which is the jack of spades which can be moved to the bottom via double under cut and the other located with the top 22 stock.

The rest of the top stock will be a mix as follows:-
10 red cards
10 club cards
2 spades and queen of spades

The revelation of the spade could be other the 2 of spades or queen of spades. Depending on which spade card you want to reveal, you displace the one you don't want
during the display of cards to show that they are mixed.
Message: Posted by: landmark (May 22, 2013 11:11PM)
Give the Aronson one Out faro and you can spell 8 more cards using either face down or face up, last card or next card, and adding THE as needed: AS, 3H, JH, 8D, 9C, 5S, 8H, AD.
Message: Posted by: Juno Temple (Jul 11, 2013 02:03AM)
Salutations atom3339,

The quality of one's performance is highly dependent on 'style'; that is to say your outfit, hairstyle, shoes/boots, and whether you're a cool clubman or a mind hustler, to mention a few personas. Now we come to the deck of cards, the pasteboards are bread & butter and a fabulous, shall we say, well-lit deck, grabs the audience's attention. Many would disagree with 'fanciness' but one must be comfortable with his pasteboards, yes? So, a little extra color in the corners with a blue pen, or a red pen, and some dedication to your own scribbling to produce a 'well-lit' deck; distance from your deck is quite important, and voila, the deck you love to handle and the dazzlement of the audience who might otheise expect the standard poker style deck of cards. I love to 'scratch' with an exacto-knife in all the right places, as well; but adding color in places on the backs that suits your eyesight, is, in the final analysis, the cleverest, most comfortable & personal way to glow with the flow.

Cheers from the Temple,