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Topic: Daemon, Demon Dirt. . P. . .something?
Message: Posted by: Mr. Bunkley (Nov 30, 2003 07:54AM)
First, I'd like to know the proper chemical name for Demon Dirt. I bought a big bag from a Fish product distributor. . . now I can't remember it's name. It starts with a "P" like palmagranite or something.

Second, has anyone had the problem where it just doesn't produce the spark/smoke in a timely fashion? I've tried a tiny bit of the product in tissue with a little touch of glycerine. . .I've tried a big bit in a lot of glycerine and every combination in between. I even bought a fresh bottle of glycerine. IF the tissue "pellet" explodes. . . .it's after several minutes of sitting there.

Is there "good" Demon dirt. . . or does it go bad after awhile?? How do I know what's good and what's bad?

Any suggestions would surely help. I used to do it quite a few years and had no trouble. Now I can't figure out which variable is giving me trouble. . .tissue, P. . . . . chemical, the glycerine or what.

Thank you,
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Nov 30, 2003 04:54PM)

P is for potassium permanganate.

The effect of Demon Dirt (if you perform magic) or Daemon Dirt (if you perform Magick) is, in my experience, iffy. Ask Carl Herron how "Pazuzu" became a verb.


Message: Posted by: Michael Lee (Apr 12, 2004 12:15AM)
TAKE CARE!!!!! using this stuff, Very Toxic.

Ordering any Kind of chemicals in this day and age will put you on a Government watch list... In other words "Big Brother will be watching you"

This stuff is a Controled Chemical & VERY Dangerious, as a number of magicians & viriety performers have DIED! from it's use.


Michael Lee
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Jul 11, 2004 11:07PM)
Such a small price to pay :)

Actually I've not heard of magicians dying from PP. Bullet Catching, and even carloads of flash paper, yes, but from Potassium Permangenate...that would be a new one on me.