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Topic: Dissolvo Paper and the triangle of Bermudas trick
Message: Posted by: Marduk (May 30, 2013 08:36AM)
I need to know who is the creator of the Triangle of bermudas trick, done with a piece of Dissolvo paper.
I was the owner of Bazar de Magia magic shop in Argentina and I remember he visited the show many years ago, but I cannot remember his name, and I need to contact him.
Thank you!!
Quique Marduk
Message: Posted by: jjsanvert (Jun 1, 2013 03:27AM)
Michael weber performed it for me years ago, so the chances are good that he created it...
Message: Posted by: Marduk (Jun 1, 2013 07:51AM)
Yes, you are right, thank you!, but he is not the creator of that effect...Anyway I will try to ask him. Best wishes!