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Topic: The new book from Cavalli...
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (May 31, 2013 11:44AM)
I always enjoyed reading the posts from "Lord of the Horses" here on the Café before he slid off the radar. So I was intrigued when ParaL*bs announced they were publishing his work. But right now I have a pile of books waiting to be read...so I decided to wait a while before purchasing it.

Then I read Tony Razzano's review of this book on another website. (You DO remember Tony, right? He was a member here for a long time...and authored many wonderful posts of his own.) I placed my order right away. I'm posting his review here...with Tony's permission:

I am sure that many of you remember Paolo, Cavalli, AKA, Lord of the Horses. Paolo is an outstanding thinker and exceptionally creative. About 10 years ago or so, Pablo published several E books and got rave reviews. Then for several years, Paolo became very quiet in the mentalism community.
Well, now I have good news. Paralabs, with Paolo’s permission and cooperation, is republishing those books in beautifully produced paperback editions. For those of you have any of Paralabs products, you know that everything they do is of top quality. These books are no exception. They meet the high standards of quality for which Paralabs is known. I don’t know what the type of binding is called, but it is bound the same way a paperback is bound in a bookstore. Beautifully done.

The first book in this series, which by the way, is called the Cavalli Files –Part I, Upsilon, and will be available very shortly. I had high expectations of this book, with Paralabs reputation for quality and Paolo’s genius. I was not at all disappointed.

Upsilon is 95 pages of mentalism gold. There are 11 chapters with an effect in each chapter. These effects are all workers. Each effect is explained completely and thoroughly and exceptionally clearly, with some notes at the end . Some chapters have more than one effect, such as the chapter titled “ Pendulumix”, in which there are three effects with a pendulum.

There are a couple of card effects in there, but they’re not the usual “card trick”. These are well thought out performance pieces that will easily would be interpreted as mind reading by your audience . That is part of Paolo's genius, to take something that is mundane and raise it to the level of miracle. These are not a card tricks. They are top notch effects for mentalists and look that way to laymen. One is Radarama, an effect based on Richard Osterlind’s Radar Deck, but for two people, a lot less pumping and less to remember.
There is a wonderful effect using Tarot cards which is really a psychometry effect with four groups of Tarot and four different spectators. Not your typical psycometry act as it can have two phases if you wish.

There are several effects with business cards and business sized cards. Two of these effects are with non traditional business sized cards. Both are great! You do need to either have cards printed up from the drawings in the book (recommended by me) or you can make them up yourself. In any case, you will have two solid close up routines, unlike almost any other billet routine in existence. In one of them, besides the correct thought and a possible numerology reading (if you choose with NOTHING to remember), Paolo explains his take on the PATEO force. Different and effective. And this kind of thing is indicative of what is throughout the book. Besides the main effect in each chapter, there are extra gems hidden within the chapter.
There is a booktest with 4 people and 4 ungimmicked books. Really strong and different from any other I have ever seen. The chapter titled “Miscellanea” has a couple bits of philosophy such as on Pre show work, etc., but is chock full of tips and some excellent effects, too. I never did pencil reading before, but am going to try it now because of Paolo’s excellent tips and the way he actually narrows things down in YOUR mind, without the spec having any idea that it is. It simply amazed me.

Prophetwriter gives you four predictions including a headline prediction and the ending is even better. Trisoteric is a great billet piece where, although not a new method, it is a combination of methods with several esoteric and geometric symbols. You can actually make this up on the spot with index or business cards.

Oh yes, at the end, there is a revision of Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus (with Millard’s kind permission)
There is so much that I haven’t even covered but I think you get the idea.
There is no “schlock” in this book at all and no filler. EVERYTHING is a worker and the effects are actually elegant. The effects are mostly close up/walk around, but a few, like the booktest, can be done for stage/parlor. Actually, there are several that can be adapted to stage/parlor.I am very excited about this book. The Cavalli Files, Part I Upsilon, is an absolutely top notch book, light years ahead of some of the stuff that’s on the mentalism market today. It has my highest recommendation!

You can order it from Paralabs at http://www.paralabs.org/basket/ $50.00 and at this price an excellent bargain!
I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. This particular book is co authored by Massimo Tira.

Tony Razzano
Message: Posted by: brehaut (Jun 1, 2013 02:40PM)
Thanks for posting this David
Message: Posted by: PsiDroid (Jun 2, 2013 12:19PM)
I would agree with Tony Razzano: he has eloquently put in words the worth of Cavalli books;
Message: Posted by: ThatsJustWrong! (Jun 3, 2013 09:04AM)
There's some terrific thinking in here and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. I echo that this is a book full of workers. Thanks, David, for posting Tony's review; it would have inspired me to buy the book if it weren't already sitting on my desk.
Message: Posted by: PsiDroid (Jun 9, 2013 12:14PM)
So thomas is the second book with bonus out yet ??
Message: Posted by: ParaLabs - Thomas (Jun 9, 2013 12:28PM)

I requested a preview copy from the printers at May 28, so the copy should be delivered at some point in the next two or three days.
Once I've checked the print and found it appropriate, the release will be announced immediately.

So I think at some point next week ... hopefully. :)

Message: Posted by: ParaLabs - Thomas (Jun 11, 2013 03:19PM)
On 2013-06-09 13:14, PsiDroid wrote:
So thomas is the second book with bonus out yet ??
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=514396&forum=303#0]Finally! :)[/url]

Message: Posted by: Andrew_Jeffrey (Jun 22, 2013 04:50PM)
I must confess I love the first book. A couple of pieces that I might incorporate, but even if not some delicious thinking. I keep re-reading it, always a good sign of an intelligent book!

Does anyone have a review of the second book yet?
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jun 22, 2013 05:09PM)
Not had chance to read the second yet - but its the same high standards as the first...from memory I bought some of the original pdfs from paolo (that make up the second volume)...

one of the many strengths of his work is, is that you have a fine combo of workable method, along with an interesting premise to work with....a lot of the time, you get one and not the other...
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 16, 2013 08:31AM)
Been reading this recently - mighty fine work... I don't have any favourites yet though, all three books are well worth the money though...been very enjoyable, and a good mix of food for thought and quality combinations of effects and methods...