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Topic: Curtis Kam's Palms of Steel 3: Silverado DVD
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 4, 2003 05:51AM)
Shot at the 2002 IBM convention in San Diego California, Curtis once again showcases some of his [i]state of the art[/i] thinking that has quickly gained him the respect and admiration of coin workers the world over. I was actually present during the taping and am more then happy to share my thoughts on the finished product. Enjoy.

[b]Curtis Kam's Palms of Steel 3: Silverado[/b]


[b]Disc description:[/b] [i]It was summer 2002 and the West was filled with brawls, bordellos and treachery. A motley crew of would-be train robbers packed a local saloon (strangely resembling the IBM convention) and called themselves "magicians". Cards flew and coins changed hands, but it all stopped when sheriff Curtis Kam walked in. They could tell he was a professional who did miracles. But before they could thank him, he and the money were gone[/i].


This is the third offering in Curtis' now famous [i]Palms of Steel[/i] series of video instruction. While [b]Silverado[/b] may carry a theme from the old west, the thinking is definitely 20th Century.

Shot during the same sessions as [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=15233&forum=68&0]Palms of Steel 2: Fist of Fury[/url], Curtis continues to provide cutting edge thinking and technique and does NOT disappoint.

Like other [url=http://www.magicsmith.com/]MagicSmith[/url] (aka [i]Chris Smith[/i]) produced DVD's, the picture quality and sound are decent, but the disc does suffer a bit from the use of only one camera. A moot point, but one that is very obvious when watching. However, this does not keep you from seeing some great coin magic and Curtis does a super job of teaching you the work.

The package includes six complete effects/routines, five from Mr. Kam himself and one from another master of the coins, Reed McClintock. Here is a brief look at what you get:

[b]Through and Through - [/b] Shot in the Hotel lobby, this is essentially Curtis' take on the now [i]classic[/i] Karate coin effect with the added bonus of an ungaffed coin left for the spectators to examine until the cows come home. A lot of magic and not too difficult. Very nice and I like. :)

[b]Triple Alliance - [/b] Filmed outside with assistance from Reed McClintock, Curtis takes the standard [i]Copper, Silver, Brass[/i] (with a touch of Scotty York) to the very next level. Instead of the usual [i]guess what's in my hand[/i] nonsense, Curtis manages to entertain us in new and exciting ways and then goes a step further by providing us with a [b]triple[/b] [i]transposition climax[/i] for a real kicker! I love this and so will you. :nod:

[b]4 Co Pro and Super 4 Co Pro - [/b]Also shot outdoors, Reed McClintock drops in as guest performer and showcases one of his now legendary routines from the [i]Knuckle Busters[/i] series. A very strong and clean production of four Silver Dollars. If that were not enough, Reed also includes the [i]real work[/i] handling of a even better version not included in any of the [i]Knucle Buster[/i] booklets. Very flashy, very cool. :bwink:

[b]Inverted Matrix - [/b] This is a great reverse Matrix routine using absolutely no gaffs and a NEW pickup move that actually gives you the ability to show both sides of the cards! Workable on almost any surface, this is my favorite on the disc. Very strong and not too complicated. :)

[b]Copper Silver Bent - [/b] The [i]classic[/i] Copper Silver transpo with a twist which leaves the spectators with an actual BENT coin at the conclusion! This will take some practice but will be well worth the effort. Worth a look.

[b]Sandwich Move-a-thon - [/b] Okay, are you ready for this? Curtis performing with the pasteboards! What a treat, and he does this very well my friends. Presenting a six-phase routine that incorporates half a dozen [i]killer[/i] sandwich effects (shot in a studio) based on the work of legends such as [i]Earl Nelson, Robert Walker, David Solomon, John Carney, Martin Nash, Harry Lorayne, Derek Dingle[/i] and even [i]Larry Jennings[/i]! Will take a little work to master but the end result could well mean some re-bookings! A complete twenty minute act! Worth the price of the disc even if just to watch Curtis work with cards. :lol: ;)


I'll conclude by saying there is some very strong magic on this disc. If you have previous volumes then this one is a must have. If not, then this is your chance to see Curtis work for the first time and I highly recommend that you do. :)

[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/4half.gif[/img]

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