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Topic: PSYCHO*metry by Anthony Black: A Review
Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Jun 30, 2013 01:50PM)
I was very pleased to have received this today. I love bizarre Mentalism that implicitly invokes the dark side and allows the performer to create a routine that fits with his or her own understanding of what constitutes darkness. Anthony Black achieves this flexibility and combines it with a very powerful impact. Imagine a simple set on stage with a wooden box, some gloves, and some objects. The participant really takes part in this routine and gets to feel the story. If this is performed correctly, spines will be chilled, and gasps will be heard.

I love routines that require hunting for supplies and that allow me to put my own touch on them. This is just such a routine. The supplies in this case will probably be hanging around in any good bizarrist's lair.

The method is a snap, but very cleverly conceived, while the story is compelling, scary, and very unsettling as the participant slowly realised in what way he or she is engaged in the events.

Seasoned bizarrists will love this and really make it work.

Highly recommended.

Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Jul 1, 2013 03:54PM)
Thanks for your review Todd, I'm glad you enjoyed this piece.
It's one of my all time favorite creations!

I have had some great feedback so far.

There are more reviews here:


And if anyone wants further info on this, just click on my signature.


Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Jul 27, 2013 08:10AM)
Hi all,

Just a quick one.

For those of you that missed out on the pre-launch price, you may wish to take a look here:


Have a great weekend,

Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Aug 28, 2013 03:37PM)
For those of you that like your Mentalism a little darker...you may wish to check out the PSYCHO*metry Kickstarter Project below:




P.S. Click the updates tab for a new review and a sneak peek...
Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Mar 4, 2014 10:44PM)
If you missed out last time...it's included.

[i]"Anthony has some wonderful material available there. If you want your audiences to have a truly magical experience, the material Anthony has put out is the most direct path there."[/i]
- [b]Todd Robbins[/b]

[i]"Loved it!"
- [b]Peter Turner[/b]

[i]"This is great! Another winner from Mr. Black. I'm a fan!"[/i]
- [b]Paul Voodini, Mystery Entertainer & Author[/b]

[i]"The routine is REALLY good...It IS a very strong piece of story-telling magic, you would be daft not to buy it at this price."[/i]
- [b]Christopher J Gould, Alchemy Moon[/b]

[i]"...spines will be chilled, and gasps will be heard...Highly recommended."[/i]
- [b]Dr. Todd Landman, The Academic Magician[/b]

[i]"Another awesome theatrical piece of deception from the mind that never sleeps, Anthony Black.
A performance piece thatís as beautifully structured as it is perplexing...Anthony is certainly starting some fires in the world of magic and is one to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for any future releases...Recommended? HELL YES."[/i]
- [b]Mark Thorold, Creator & Performer[/b]

[i]"Absolutely loved it! It is my type of thinking. Very bold and simple. I think this principle could be used for other effects too."[/i]
- [b]Fraser Parker[/b]

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