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Topic: No, I have enough matrixes, thanks.
Message: Posted by: Herr Brian Tabor (Jul 19, 2013 02:12PM)
Just a little pet peeve of mine, but I'm so sick of buying DvD's or books that have a few great things in them, and the rest is the standard stuff. So many magicians will make their videos, and usually include a premise of magic theory, but never discuss the theory. They just do a bunch of routines that are standard and everyone already knows, but without adding any significant improvements or changes. No, the magic community doesn't need yet another routine teaching cups and balls, matrix, coins through the table, sponge balls, or color changing knives. I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of magicians don't perform close-up magic seated at a table anymore. Sure, a few do, but they already know a thousand versions of matrix as well. I'm not saying the cups and balls aren't great to do, I'm saying if you're going to include them, have something to add or some theory to address or something for crying out loud.

If you're going to have routines like this and publish them, at least use them to teach a point of theory or some such, or have something new in them that improves the trick. Otherwise, it's the same as buying a 25$ ticket to a pre recorded magic show, only to find out it's all stuff all the other magicians are doing. No wonder we are growing stagnant and only doing the same old tricks.