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Topic: Ching Ling Toy ?
Message: Posted by: Jacques (Jul 23, 2013 02:19PM)

I found this in "The New York Clipper", feb.12 1919.

Theatre — Fifty-eighth treet.
Style — Magician.
Time — Fourteen minutes.
Setting— Special.

This is one of those- conventional Chinese prestidigitation acts. - Ching Ling Toy uses a full stage, and his settings are of a sombre Oriental hue distinctive and pleasant to the eye. His movements are swift and graceful, as are also the movements of his female assistants, and he performs with a deftness that does lend mystery to his offering. At this house the act appeared in the opening spot and got over. M. L. A. "

Do you have more information on him? Was he an emulator of Ching Ling Foo?
Message: Posted by: Jacques (Jul 30, 2013 11:45AM)
Ching Ling Toy the great forgotten ?