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Topic: `On Demandī
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jul 24, 2013 05:46AM)
Some of us are lucky enough to travel around, in order to perform.
Itīs easier changing audiences, then Shows.
,.. new Pitches, new towns, new vibes can stimulate.

Some of us are un-lucky enough to have to travel around, in order to perform.
Unpredictible audiences. Bad Pitches. Cold shoulders, cold rain,.. cold coffee.

... as many anchors, as winds in the sails.

Where do you grab your Mail?
Ok, the love-letters and cookies from mom, always come through.
And, somehow the Tax-man and Auto-Insurance lady always find me.
False parking tickets,.. from Monpellier(!),.. how do they find us!?!

but, where, when, and how did you pick up a good Magazine?
yeah, you can walk into a Magic Shop, if you find one,
.. in some big city.
But then, you only get,.. what heīs got.
In his language.
AND, you probably have to watch a demo of his latest Spunge Rabbit routine.

Most of the good Magazines are subscribed,...
,but who sends, on demand, to P.O Boxes around the world?

well,... Reel Magic,.. On Demand does.
And itīs good!
Itīs real good.

I, Gallagher Hayes,
Street Performer,
"live/life only from my Hat",
endorse NOTHING.
,..ok, maybe my moms cookies.
,but I use Reel Magic,.. On Demand,
and say, in my opinion,
"Itīs great.
.especially for the traveler."
Itīs easy.
It works.
Itīs enjoyible.

Kozmo is striving "for the best deal in Magic".
I believe The Magic Café, is still the quil.
heīs a warm read second.

p.s.: being an online-electro-media,
and Kozmo being an old streetman,
...maybe we could sneek a section, on the end of Reel Magic,
with fotos from the Streets?
Performers here and there,.. on Street corners throughout the world?

greetings from OK City,
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jul 25, 2013 02:11AM)
Hay Gallagher
I love to try some of your moms cookies, thry sound great.
As for the rest of your thread I don't understand it.
It may just be me.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jul 25, 2013 05:34AM)
Hey Mario,
actually I didnīt know much about it myself!
I avoid most Magizines and Media,.. because; traveling,
.. the stuff is hard to get consistently.

Kozmos started talking, two weeks ago,
about doing a Chris Capehart Interview.
As a traveling Street Performer, Capehart is one of my heros.
,..one of the few "drop your hat on any sidewalk" kinda guys.
So I went looking for the interview.

Iīve heard, as most,... I suppose;
about Kozmoīs Reel Magic magazine video,..
but without a steady adress;
kinda worthless, for me.

But, as I read his website, I realized,
he was/IS just starting an online version.
"On Demand", heīs calling it.
One month,.. all you can eat,.
...past issues included,..
5 Bucks(!),.. five dollars,... 3.87 Euros,... 2.77 English Pounds,
5,872.02 Rübels,... a half bag of long grain rice.

I can check in whenever,.. where ever,..

and,.. the content is good.
For me,.. itīs an enjoyible watch.
,and,.. hopefully sometime soon,..
the Chris Capehart Interview will come up,..

have a good one Mario,
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jul 25, 2013 11:33AM)
Happy travles to you, hope your doing well.