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Topic: Come to this chat.... happening now
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (May 27, 2002 06:48PM)
We will be tradeing, marketing, just plain old fun for all magic minded peoples....


Drop in mondays around 8:00 EST

have a good day...
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Jun 13, 2002 06:23PM)
They have changed the time .... Monday at 7:00pm pacific standard time... and I usually show up early... 'sometimes when I can'

We have been talking resturant strolling... and designing new effects to marketing and just normal things going on in magic in general.... It's kinda diffrent talking with so many magicians in real time... than a board... it's hard to describe... Try it.. I think you'll like it...

I think you all will have a blast... and if you do or don't post here your experience if you come buy..... I know I saw Peter there... and it was great chatting with him...

Drop buy and see who's there... I'm sure you'll have a good time...

Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Jun 17, 2002 04:05PM)
Hey guys. I'm there now. I'm a bit early this time. But come on by and say hello.

See ya later

Message: Posted by: Stuart Hooper (Jun 19, 2002 04:55PM)
Are there people there at other times?
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Jun 20, 2002 05:33PM)
Yea... I drop in from time to time to see if anybody's there.

I'd have to say tho that mostly it's empty.

But monday nights are hopping. And if we get lots of people coming. We'll do other times and schedule other days. Like marketing on mondays, Tuesdays will be walk around/ resturant, wed. illusions.. etc...

But for now we are all piling in on mondays.

Hope to see you there!