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Topic: IET Question - Need Help
Message: Posted by: suspensionofdisbelief (Aug 25, 2013 02:13PM)
Hey all,

I have a quick query. I have used many many Mesika l***s over the years. I know there have been numerous comments about the durability of these tools. I always used to carry two because of that, which I was fine with doing. No skin off my back. But the main thing about the loops was that they were very THIN, so I never had anybody see or think they saw a flash at any given point. I was fine with a loop breaking and having to jig another one up, but I was not fine with having to be paranoid that my lighting conditions were just the tiniest bit off. A flimsy l**p was the trade off for lots of invisibility. I recently purchased a set of 50 or 60 cheaper loops (non-mesika), and they are not only more breakable but less invisible. Even with stretching I cannot use them. It is time that I stop shelling out all this cash at 2 dollars a loop. Out of all the invisible thread out there ( I have looked into PET 2.0, Infinity V2, Legacy, Eve etc etc. )which one do you think is ( in order of importance) 1. Invisible 2. reasonable amount of durability 3. Cost effective 4. Easy to strip 5. Easy to tie. I know there are some workers out there who have run the gamut in this field and your sage advice would be indispensable!