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Topic: Brian Geer "Heavy Hitters"
Message: Posted by: magicah123 (Dec 11, 2003 08:04AM)
Can someone please give me a review for this dvd? What are different sleights you have to know and what is the skill level? Do you rec
Message: Posted by: preston91 (Dec 13, 2003 08:33AM)
This one is on my christmas list and I think Santa is listening... so stay tuned..
Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Dec 14, 2003 06:07AM)
I just got the DVD the other day. I really enjoy Brian's performance. Each effect is performed before a table of four except for three that are done on a local morning news show. The sleights are basic and Brian does an excellent job in explaining how to do them. For some of the trickier sleights, Brian shows them to you from some different angles and points out what to watch out for while performing the effects. A few of the effects require some other gimmicks, to perform. I give the DVD two thumbs up!
Message: Posted by: Review King (Dec 18, 2003 04:47PM)
Anyone else care for this DVD?
Message: Posted by: KC (Dec 19, 2003 03:34AM)
The Performer and the company producing probably care.

I haven't seen it, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that it's good. The problem lies in that there are already too many products out on the market. And they seem to have taken the thunder out of this particular DVD.

If you get this DVD and it turns out to be super great, it'll be a hidden treasure that only you and a few others share.

Message: Posted by: MagicMan5150 (Dec 20, 2003 08:24PM)
If you get this DVD and it turns out to be super great, it'll be a hidden treasure that only you and a few others share

Exactly! So unless you're west of the Mississippi, please don't buy it!

Message: Posted by: debaser (Sep 20, 2004 12:19AM)
I could not believe how bad this dvd was.

Seriously, no offense against the Mr. Geer, but I don't know how someone could release this.

Its only my opinion but the audience looked confused and less than interested.

Once again, no offense, but I must give an honest review

Message: Posted by: magicbern (Sep 20, 2004 08:20AM)
Again, not a very fair nor informative review. This has happeneed a lot recently...members giveing very brief negative reviews for tapes/DVDs but not giving specific reasons. It is OK to give personal opinions but these should be based on some concrete examples. Otherwise its just meanspirited and doesn't help anyone - members and/or the performer.
Message: Posted by: Dave Forrest (Sep 20, 2004 09:54AM)
I haven't seen this DVD and so can't actually tell you what I think of it but there is a comprehensive review to be had here, bad as it may be.


Message: Posted by: iamslow (Sep 20, 2004 09:21PM)
It really is a heavy hitter, it put me right to sleep...
Message: Posted by: debaser (Oct 7, 2004 12:36PM)
O.k. a bit more informative

1st trick on the dvd is a spongeball routine that makes no sense. (he tries to explain the nonsensical nature of the effect as making it more colorful but it truly eliminates the magic of any spongeball routine).

overall he tends to take tricks that are allready out there and over complicate them and draw them out untill the audience has no idea what has happened and waits for him to recap what has taken place.

Im not going to go through every trick and explain why its bad and then have someone chastize me for that as well.

there are enough bad reviews about this dvd allready.

My question is, who looked at this material and thought this was a good idea.