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Topic: Back To School Sale!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 27, 2013 05:44PM)

[i]All[/i] of [b]Dr. Bill's[/b] ebooks are on sale at a [b]40% discount[/b] until [i]September 2nd[/i]. Get [i]The Dr's Billet Tear, Dr. Bill's Bend, Mirabill, Mind Index, RhymeTime Sublime, Telephone Bill, Subliminal Squares, Suggestabilities, The Fource, Companionage and Trybil: AKA The Multi-Bob Pendulum Book[/i] for almost half off!

Make your selections and send payment via [b]PayPal[/b] to: [b]wcushman@bellsouth.net[/b]


[i]THE DR'S BILLET TEAR[/i] ([b]$21 USD[/b]) 34 pages.

“I use my own Perfected Center Tear all the time. But I have to tell you this; I use a piece of paper from my pad. When I saw how clean Bill’s version looked with a business card, I had to learn it too. It is smart to have a variety of methods at your disposal. Dr. Bill’s Billet Tear is top notch and as good as it gets. If it means anything from a guy who has been ripping paper up for most of his life, take my advice and get this!” - [b]Richard Osterlind[/b]

"The Dr's Billet Tear gets my highest recommendation and final endorsement as the best, most practical and undetectable center tear in history. Yet another amazing addition to the new generation of ultra-smooth billet work, this one is simply too good to miss! I've been using TDBT exclusively in my own private shows and public performances and several months in I'm still unable to find even a single fault in its psychology, timing, construction, execution and nearly infinite applications to everything I do ." - [b]Jerome Finley[/b]

"The tear that I have been using for years has been moved to second in my arsenal. The Dr's Billet Tear is now my first choice." - [b]Tony Razzano[/b]

"The Dr's Billet Tear really caught me by surprise! I was fortunate enough to get to experiment with this for several months and it has replaced all the other tears I used in my shows. I have to admit I never would have believed a tear could be this quick and practical, I thought the concept had been pretty much explored to death and then Dr. Bill comes up with this! What a great way to improve upon a classic idea." - [b]Mauricio Jaramillo[/b]

"Ahh, Dr. Bill has been at it again. I believe I've been with him on this since the first tear and all the way to the final peek. Now don't take that wrong.... I didn't create this tear in any way, but I was there as Dr. Bill worked on The Dr's Billet Tear, confirming its ease and utility in my own performances with it.

The ride has been a lot of fun and, in the end, I now have a great tear that I use regularly. Dr. Bill has created the type of tear I like: simple, to the point, and with very little to go wrong. You can learn this one quickly and easily. You get a real nice chunk to peek and it happens in an instant. Or feel free to delay your peek if that's what the situation calls for, another fine feature of Dr. Bill's method.

I'm sure many will grab onto TDBT and make it part of their arsenal. It's one of those tears that once you do it a few times it seems to be locked into your memory. In the past I've learned many tears, but only two have stuck with me. I used those sparingly and for specific situations. The Dr's Billet Tear is so robust I use it in ANY situation.

Congratulations to Dr. Bill and his new contribution to the field of mentalism!" - [b]Greg Arce[/b]

"I've been lucky to become friends with most of the world's full-time performing mentalists, through my Conversations With Mind Readers interviews. To a man, all the pro's favor simplicity and practicality of method over almost anything else. When they are in the heat of performing, the last thing you want to be using is technique that, unconsciously, you know *** well looks suspect or is prone to mistake. That is why I love Dr. Bill Cushman's Center Tear. It meets all the criteria of the working pro mentalist: It is easy. Practical. Looks natural, since the peek is done in the tearing "action." And, it's something you will have confidence doing, therefore you reduce the chance of wreaking with "magician's guilt" when performing it.

I've been using Bill's center tear since the first day he shared it with me. I am pretty sure that YOU will be using it immediately too, once you are exposed to its method. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." -[b]Ben Cummings[/b], founder, ConversationsWithMindReaders.com

A piece of paper or card holding a secret thought folded safely within, is torn straight down the middle, once in each direction. Tear a third time if you wish.

The peek may be instant or delayed. Your choice.
What should you look for in a Center Tear? As little as possible!
On that note:

"Here's a word I think describes the pinnacle of billet work of all kinds, MUNDANE. Do not be afraid or disappointed. By mundane, I mean that it is an everyday looking occurrence. Harmless, normal, unremarkable...so simple and honest looking it IS only WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. And that's what you see with the good Dr.'s tear. Seeing someone use it looks mundane. Like they are doing exactly and precisely nothing but ripping up small folded pieces of paper or card. The technique involved is as simple as can be, honest looking and gives you plenty to look at! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and using this - it's taken the place of the other Card Tear's in my repertoire." - [b]Iain Dunford[/b]

Use business cards, index cards or paper. Whichever you choose, it is simply folded in quarters; no steps, no flaps, now worries.

The Dr's Billet Tear is versatile. While in essence an "instant access" Card Tear, there is a small variation allowing for a delay that you will find very useful in many performing situations.

The sequence itself is taught in 10 pages, including 18 "ParaLab style" illustrations by Thomas Heine making everything crystal clear and classy. This is the easiest tear you will ever learn and perform. In its simplicity lie its strengths.

Dr. Bill has also included a section on his ideas about what to peek. Among other things, you will learn how to limit the range of choices while appearing to increase them! There is also a section on practice tips that includes concepts many of us know but don't use to our full advantage.

Dr. Bill's effect "7 Deadly Sins" is taught in its entirety, newly choreographed for use with TDBT. Besides being Dr. Bill's favorite thing to do with a Center Tear, 7 Deadly Sins is a lesson in the art. You will no longer have to worry about why you are having something written down, why it is being torn up soon after or making sure the writing is large, legible and just where you want it. All this is accomplished without having to be directive and can be applied to a variety of different kinds of routines. Many of these principles apply to any kind of peek you may need to take.

Finally, as a bonus, Dr. Bill has included his essay, "Justifying Your Gaze," originally printed in his ebook "Suggestabilities", offering even more peak peek techniques.


[i]DR. BILL'S BEND[/i] ([b]$15 USD[/b]) 27 pages.

As seen on Steve Cohen’s 2 hour feature television special, “LOST MAGIC DECODED” aired on The History Channel, October 18th, 2012!
“I chose to perform "Dr. Bill's Bend" on my television special because I needed a pendulum routine with a distinct ending. My studio audience loved this routine, and so did I. Perhaps I should add it to my live shows at the Waldorf-Astoria? It's that strong.” - [b]Steve Cohen[/b], The Millionaires' Magician

Imagine using a simple pendulum made from a piece of ribbon and a key (these can all be borrowed) to teach an entire audience to focus their mental powers in ways that will blow their minds! Then imagine what starts happening when keys begin bending in their hands! Dr. Bill’s Bend is pitch perfect as is, or it can be the smash climax to any routine highlighting the wonders of pendulums.

Originally published in [i]David Thiel’s anthology “Pendulum Magic: Routines For Mystery Performers[/i],” Dr. Bill’s Bend has been updated to include Steve Cohen’s very dramatic touches, subtleties from Banachek, as well as ideas and a full presentation from Mauricio Jaramillo. Dr. Bill’s Bend, described by David Thiel as a “system” for creating pendulum effects, can truly be performed for one or one thousand.

There are several variations, including ideas from Andrew Gerard, Tony Razzano and Bob Cassidy. This is a “mini-course” on getting the most out of your pendulum work, including an appendix with an excerpt from Bill’s highly acclaimed ebook Trybil. Instructions on enhancing your use of suggestion are also part and parcel of Dr. Bill’s Bend!

Buy the ebook that gives you a tried and true audience tested routine that is engaging from start to finish and is both elegantly conceived and executed!

"If you've ever wanted to do a metal bending effect, but lacked a well laid out routine with which to present it, Dr. Bill's Bend is a great way to go. It builds logically by employing ideomotor response to help your audience suspend their disbelief as the effect reaches its climax. One can easily see why it was chosen by Steve Cohen to be included in his TV special, “Lost Magic Decoded." - [b]Bruce Bernstein[/b]

"An absolutely wonderful framework for metal bending. The audience has something to see and a wonderful surprise at the end. This is a reputation maker." - [b]Banachek[/b]

"When I first looked at Dr. Bill's Bend, I knew I was holding something very special. There is much more than a simple routine...it's an entire presentation that crackles with fresh thinking. An absolute masterwork." - [b]David Thiel[/b]

"Dr. Bill's Bend is, without doubt, one of the best key bending routines I have seen. The presentational script is powerful and there is absolutely no heat on the moment of the bend. Whether you are a Mentalist or a Magician, Dr. Bill's Bend is guaranteed to mesmerize, entertain, and stun any audience." - [b]Peter Duffie[/b]


[i]MIRABILL[/i] ([b]$9.00 USD[/b]) 9 pages + [i]THE MIRABILL SUPPLEMENT[/i] with another 11 pages of contributions.

Though often hailed as “self-working” the original Miraskill does require some sleight of hand. Now, one of the mentalism’s classic effects has been modified to the point where it really is self-working plus streamlined for the attention span of today’s audiences and done in the hands of the participants. Ingenious alternatives have been explored before but none quite like Mirabill!

[i]The Mirabill Supplement[/i] was the result of the swift, immensely positive response to Mirabill in the mentalism and magic community. It includes 11 more pages of fantastic ideas and effects from [i]Greg Arce, Jerome Finley, Mike Sturgeon, Tony Iacovello, Deddy Corbuzier, Joshua Quinn, Jim Callahan[/i] and [i]John Bannon[/i].

"Bill has taken a modern classic and put some exceptional new work into it. He's made it into an "untouched" routine... it all happens in the spectator's hands. It's a kind of experiment with almost laboratory conditions. It's always the simple ideas like this one that become the true stunners." - [b]Greg Arce[/b]

“For those who are fans of the classic Miraskill, or who like doing mentalism with cards, this very reasonably priced nine page e-book is a delightful, elegant, and easy-to-do version of a classic. Unquestionably recommended.” - Jheff


[i]TRYBIL: AKA THE MULTI-BOB PENDULUM BOOK[/i] ([b]$33.00 USD[/b]) 148 pages.

"I finally had a chance to read Bill’s wonderful book on pendulums. Without a doubt, this is the best book ever written on the subject. I recommend it without reservation to anyone who is serious about this type of work." – [b]Bob Cassidy[/b]

Many modern day mystery workers believe that the pendulum is the most underutilized tool in the world of mentalism.
Within Trybil: AKA The Multi-Bob Pendulum Book, Dr. Bill teaches you how to become an expert operator of this most rare and unique form of magical of tools, the Multi-Bob Pendulum. With anywhere from 2 to 5 bobs, you are able to control, and guide your audience members to control, the movements of any single pendulum while the others remain still! It looks and feels like real magic!

There is also a chapter of standard pendulum effects collecting some of the most unique and powerful presentations with a single pendulum ever offered in a single collection. Trybil also includes the original Acidus Novus as printed in Acidus and a video of its creator, Millard Longman, teaching this classic peek. Two effects utilize Acidus Novus and Dr. Bill wanted to make Trybil as all inclusive as possible.

Along with learning Dr. Bill’s innovative methods and effects, you will be taught by some of the finest performers and creators in mentalism: Rich Hennessey, John Riggs, Andrew Gerard, Dr. Todd Landman, Faucon Of Sakin’el, Mauricio Jaramillo, Michael Weber, Marc Salem, Docc Hilford, Brad Henderson, Kenton Knepper, Tony Razzano, Keith Barry and Jerome Finley all share one or more effects.

Another video is from Mauricio Jaramillo and shows him “Long Distance Multibobbing,” influencing pendulum movement from several feet away. This particular shot is from his “Bobbing For ESP,” a combination of telepathy and telekinesis that will blow your mind.

"All in all it’s a remarkable tome and one I consider a modern classic – Trybil is in a league of its own and there certainly is nothing else like it out there…a much needed addition to the pendulum literature and sure to be a treasured resource for many years to come." - [b]Jerome Finley[/b]

"Trybil is jampacked with the most wonderful ideas on pendulums and brings this ancient device into the 21st century!" – [b]Jheff[/b]

"If you're into pendulums at all, then 'Trybil: The Multi-Bob Book' is a work you'll want to give a prominent spot in your bookcase. Not only do Dr. Bill and his contributors teach you how to fashion and work miracles with Multi-Bobs, there is a tremendous section focusing on the classic pendulum. Both offer up a great variety of routines from some of the biggest names around." - [b]Bruce Bernstein[/b]

"This information crosses the barrier between reality and invisible, mystic forces at work. Powerful and in the right hands... real" - [b]Andrew Gerard[/b]


[i]SUGGESTABILLITIES[/i] ([b]$15.00 USD[/b]) 61 pages.

Suggestabillities is a collection of three essays, each followed by an effect illustrating the principles explored within.
Ericksonian Extracts is the first piece Dr. Bill ever published. It describes the impact of Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis, on his practices as a mentalist.
Alphabody Language puts these Ericksonian principles to work in a new way that allows the audience to reveal a chosen word! A versatile technique, the word can be from a standard booktest or learned by any clandestine method you prefer. No dual reality, no instant stooging, just good old-fashioned mentalism!

A Suggestion On The Use Of Suggestion addresses a common problem many beginning and even seasoned mentalists experience in approaching the art of suggestion. Bill explains the reason this occurs and offers a time honored bulletproof solution.

[i]The Jumping Pulse[/i] is the perfect effect to apply his solution. It can’t go wrong; it’s usable for one person or an entire audience. Imagine evoking the sensation of the participant’s pulse jumping from finger to finger! Derived from Dr. Bill's own clinical practice in mindfulness, The Jumping Pulse can serve as an effect on its own or as a gateway to enhance other routines.
Since its publication JP has taken off like a bat out of hell! It’s become a staple in Anthony Jacquin’s workshops and performances and can be seen on his DVDs “Tribly” and “The Tannen’s Lecture.” Jerome Finley has also taken it in astounding directions, devoting over 40 pages to it in his book “Thought Veil!”

[i]Justifying Your Gaze[/i] is a treatise on how to integrate your natural behaviors into peek work and more. Learn answers to dilemmas that inhibit many mentalists from using some of our most powerful tools.
Outside The Fold is a potent routine where, combining two classic methods and a fully justified gaze, you describe a spectator’s friend in detail. And it is easy to learn and execute.
As a bonus, join Millard Longman and Dr. Bill as they journey to the weekly service of a shuteye psychic. Or is he?
"Sit down, relax, and breathe deeply...

When you have finished reading this book you'll have the tools to make yourself a better performer. Read this book.... think about what this book has to say... and practice the ideas within. You'll soon feel like you are under Bill's spell. Luckily he uses his powers for good and not evil.

And now a word from this sponsor: Bill is starting to freak me out. He keeps coming up with fantastic ideas and methods. I'm starting to wonder if he really exists or maybe some guys got together and created a false identity so they could put out some cool stuff under someone else's name.
Every time I read something from Bill I have an "Ah-ha!" moment. Far too many times. I'm starting to think that we'll all find out he's a computer simulated character programmed to pump out great ideas.

If I'm right, I'm hoping that this program never crashes. So once again, Bill, you've come out with some great stuff... or is it Bill Version 2.3 I'm talking to?" – [b]Greg Arce[/b]

“Bill Cushman's incredible ebook Suggestabilities includes provocative and informative essays each followed by an effect illustrating the principles just explored. There is a most wonderful audience participation effect called ‘The Jumping Pulse.’ I was giddy as I read Bill’s wonderful piece. It really is lovely. ‘The Jumping Pulse’ is short, simple and extraordinarily effective.

One thing that remains constant no matter what the variations appear like is this: People LOVE JP! My own clients and audiences have reported almost miraculous results and major breakthroughs using this technique. Bill has shared a truly no prop, completely impromptu effect for one to one thousand that meets and exceeds what are usually typical clichés and hype. And there is no denying that is also a very therapeutic technique and we all deserve to show him a kind ‘Thank you’ and hug of gratitude the next time we see him!” – [b]Jerome Finley[/b]

“For those of you who are bored by reading about enhancing your material with cutting edge philosophy that cleverly elevates your performances to that of a miracle worker, then skip this and move on. This isn't for you and that's just fine.
As described above, this 61-page downloadable PDF file contains three essays each followed by an effect demonstrating and applying the principles discussed. Because what you're getting are some gems of ideas, I can't really go into much detail without giving it away. However, I can say that three important topics that Dr. Bill discusses are The Cooperation Principle, bypassing resistance, and shutting down the analytic mind. And that's just in the first essay! If that intrigues you, and you want to find out more (as I did), you'll just have to get it.” – [b]Jheff[/b]


[i]MIND INDEX[/i] ([b]$24.00 USD[/b]) 54 pages.

Showcasing eight mind bending effects with index cards from Dr. Bill. This innovative ebook includes a reprint of Millard Longman’s original Acidus Novus as well as an instructional video of Acidus Novus in action taught by Millard.

Shh…this next revelation is a secret! All the effects in Mind Index can also be performed with business cards. Some can be accomplished simply with paper. Dr. Bill just really liked the title Mind Index!

"Read Mind Index over a couple of times. It contains very thoughtful (that's a joke son) and well constructed performance pieces built around established methodology that well versed mentalists are familiar with, but all too often don't explore deep enough to extract maximum entertainment value.
With no freaky looking apparatus and using the simplest of materials you have presented a fine assortment of mysteries for the minimalist that are well thought out and professionally presented." – [b]Larry Becker[/b]

"Bill, what a delight to find an eBook containing superb material with practical applications. That it is well-written is a bonus. Congratulations. Regards," – [b]Lee Earle[/b]

"I have read through this great e-book more than once. The first time as a performer and I was smiling because these are all fun and entertaining routines that I knew would play well. The next time I read through I put myself in the mindset of an audience member and imagined how they would feel being on the receiving end of these routines... again a quality feeling came over me. In times where many are looking for a better method rather than an effect, Mind Index offers you what you really need, entertaining, fun, and mysterious presentations. Thanks for this Bill." - [b]Andrew Gerard[/b]

"I liked the Epic Index routine and I really liked the ideas behind School Dazed. The title effect, Mind Index, is also a stand out inspiration. Song & Dance... loved it as I did the 7 Deadly Sins routine. Mentalink is nice and I know many that will love this idea. I really liked Mind Index and I'm sure it will do well. There are lots of great ideas and routines and thinking behind all the effects." - [b]Greg Arce[/b]

"I've never been disappointed with Dr. Bill's material and this one certainly shouldn't disappoint you, either. It's well worth ordering." – [b]Jheff[/b]


[i]SUBLIMANAL SQUARES[/i] ([b]$30.00 USD[/b]) 63 pages + templates.

This isn’t your grandpa’s magic square! Bill first released Subliminal Square as an alternative to the traditional instant magic square plot. Instead of the mentalist rapidly completing a magic square with a number provided by an audience member, with a Subliminal Square he rapidly implants a number into the subconscious of an audience member!

This innovation in mentalism was first released in Banachek’s “Psychological Subtleties, 2” and received wide critical acclaim and near instant classic status. It quickly became a staple in the repertoires of many working pros.
Two new versions are included in “Subliminal Squares” as is the alternative “Savant Square” presentation, turning audience members into instantaneous math savants. And as if that weren’t enough, get ready for some world-class contributions from the acts of some of the best minds in the world of mentalism.

Dr. Todd Landman, Steve Pelligrino, Rich Hennessey, Greg Arce and Joshua Quinn all give up the goods. They share everything from their own refinements to complete routines they are performing on a regular basis.
A folder of templates covering everything from business cards to auditorium size projections is also included. The templates are set up to personalize with your own advertising material or to make the squares specific to that corporate gig you have coming up. A generic scientific “test kit” version is also included.

“This is not technically an improvement over classic magic square methods, but an entirely new and ingenious direction for the presentation and handling of magic squares.
If this direction suits you, then you'll love this. I absolutely recommend it.” - [b]Jheff[/b]


[b]THE FOURCE[/b] ([b]$30.00 USD[/b]) 65 pages + JPGs.

The Fource takes well-established psychological methods that all mentalists know and stretches them in completely new directions and dimensions.
The Fource is the result of one of those rare inspirations that seemingly appear out of nowhere, arriving “wholecloth.” The universal response from everyone who saw an early draft was “Why haven’t we thought of this before?”
Along with Dr. Bill’s ideas, The Fource ebook includes incredible innovations from [i]Larry Becker, Millard Longman, Alain Nu, Rick Roth, Greg Arce, Julian “Bev” Moore, Alexandre, Sean Waters, Jerome Finley, Enrique Enriquez, Lior Manor, Christopher Taylor, Bryn Reynolds[/i] and [i]Tony Razzano[/i].

Not only does Dr. Bill’s new ebook supply a variety of meaningful presentations for his original methodology, it also contains several routines that don’t use The Fource yet tap into the same genre of “group dynamics.” Workers know the value of effects that capture the imagination of the entire audience and “gets those hands up.”
“Performing effects with all of the spectators is something that many mentalists and magicians miss out on. The Fource gives you several very strong options to employ with the entire audience. I am using it in every show. Thanks Bill!” - [b]Lior Manor[/b]

"Hi Bill. Eureka! Why the hell didn't I think of that!!!! Well we all did, but never as (deleted for security reasons J). It's positively brilliant. An opener par excellence. Great thinking Bill. Just my cup of tea. Simple, powerful and memorable. You newest admirer.” - [b]Larry Becker[/b]

“Stop talking about The Fource!!!! It's too good! It's definitely one of those things that is going to have everyone everyone saying, "You mean I had the ability to do this all the time? How come I never thought of it!? What was I thinking!!!!?" – [b]Greg Arce[/b]


[i]COMPANIONAGE[/i] ([b]$33.00 USD[/b]) 230 pages.

“Companionage is a French word from medieval times, used to define that stage in the life of a person when formal education was over and learning happened by a direct exchange of secrets, from one craftsman to another. Under companionage a person would travel across Europe, staying in several towns, each for a while.

This way, a traveling blacksmith, for example, would stay with the town’s blacksmith to work with him, learn from him and share his own knowledge in return. By staying with blacksmiths from town to town, each would achieve mastery, go back home, set up shop and start receiving their own ‘companions,’ other traveling blacksmiths eager to share and learn.”
230 pages long, the list of contributors reads like a who’s who of mentalism:


8 essays and 24 effects cover the entire range of mentalism by the best minds of our generation. Some material has previously been published; most of these in rare and hard to find sources, but the majority of the contents are released for the first time in Companionage. Impromptu wonders fitting for audiences of all sizes, powerful close-up and stage effects are all included.
Essays cover invaluable information on nearly all aspects of putting together a powerful performance and how to sell YOURSELF once you’ve done so. There is even a fully scripted lecture on consciousness raising by Ron Martin appropriate for a variety of venues. Companionage was originally released in 2009, receiving rave reviews. Order now and find out why!


[i]RHYMETIME SUBLIME[/i] ([b]$6.00 USD[/b]) 12 pages.

[i]GENESIS: IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS MICK AYRES’ AWARD WINNING RHYMETIME![/i] In 2002, Mick Ayre’s won the Linking Ring Award for Mentalism from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his effect RhymeTime:

You openly display a list of common words. A guest is asked to mentally choose any word and then to create a word in her mind that rhymes with her selection. Without hesitation you name the word she just created in her mind! You may repeat RhymeTime immediately with another guest and reveal a completely different word.

AT THE END (OF HIS WONDERFUL MANUSCRIPT), MICK WROTE: “I feel RhymeTime offers a whole new method that has yet to be fully exploited. Please feel free to play with this concept and consider other applications for it within the world of mentalism.”

Now imagine being able to perform the same effect BUT with any borrowed reading material! Dr. Bill took Mick up on his offer and wove his method into an easy and extremely deceptive booktest.
And completely impromptu! Use any book, newspaper or magazine. Use the back of a cereal box!

"Good news! Dr. Bill has exploited the RhymeTime principle to create an impromptu, gimmick-free book or magazine test. With my permission (and endorsement), Bill has created a presentation that raises the bar considerably.” – [b]Mick Ayres[/b]

“Your presentation is truly great and an incredible application of the RhymeTime principal. I wish my brain had come up with it.” - [b]Jim Callahan[/b]

“This method is completely new to me. I can see how it could cause a participant’s logical, rational train of thought to leave the tracks for a moment. Impromptu, gimmick-free routines like RhymeTime Sublime are very rare, indeed.
Dr. Bill’s addition reminds me of a mental pickpocket who is pocket putting . . . I am sure that this will fly completely under the radar. I can’t wait to see the reactions I get!” - [b]Ron Martin[/b]

“For the very generous low price, it's a steal for this killer effect.” - [b]Jheff[/b]


[i]TELEPHONE BILL[/i] ([b]$6.00 USD[/b]) 7 pages.

Take a bit of “Miraskill,” a twist each of “Mirabill” and “A View To A Skill” and mix with “Minimal Miraskill.” Between Stewart James, Herb Zarrow, John Bannon and Dr. Bill, you will have one of the strongest effects possible to perform over the telephone.

The good doctor had been seeking a way to perform Mirabill over the phone ever since its release but it seemed impossible. Until now.

Telephone Bill looks and sounds different than any of the above but utilizes James’s original brilliant principle and is every bit as squeaky-clean as Mirabill. Live and in person it is mind bending. But over the phone? Your audience won’t stand a chance.

“When Dr. Bill did this effect for me over the phone, I was stunned! The procedure is fast and easy (no boredom here as in many phone tricks) requiring only a deck of playing cards. There seems to be no way for the performer to know anything since he is on the phone and cannot see what you are doing.

First class telephone magic!” - [b]Millard Longman[/b]

"I just had the opportunity to read through this manuscript and it is a fantastic over-the-phone piece. It is, as was pointed out above, "An easy over-the-phone effect that uses the spectator's own cards" but is not really a card trick. It is a wonderful and easy piece of over-the phone Mind Reading." - [b]Tony Iacoviello[/b]

"Oh, boy... here it comes. I read it. It's good... just like everything else Bill puts out. An easy over-the-phone effect that uses the spectator's own cards.
Bill has included his script that adds more deception to it and allows you to appear to have more hits than just the effect itself." - [b]Greg Arce[/b]

"How did Bill come up with this fine effect in the first place?

I called several friends and acquaintances (summer conjurors, summer not) this morning and had loads of fun baffling them easily. Later, when my neighbor dropped by to borrow some tools, I had him sit on the far side of the room while I walked him through Bill's effect. He left shaking his head in wonder.

This is an excellent out-of-the-room demonstration of mindreading." - [b]Mick Ayres[/b]