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Topic: What routine is this...
Message: Posted by: close-up (Aug 31, 2013 03:40PM)
Magician borrows a bill and proceeds to roll up the bill in a tube. A ring is borrowed and the rolled up bill is placed inside the ring. A half dollar or quarter is borrowed and vanished. The rolled up bill is removed from the ring and upon unrolling the bill, the vanished coin is found inside the bill.

Is this available and where might I find it?
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Sep 1, 2013 11:45AM)
I've seen this performed in the past, just can't remember where it was. This is pretty easy and most likely you have in your coin arsenal what is needed to perform this miracle. I worked out in my presentation the ability to have the coin initialed, however, not necessary to do so. In my presentation, I can borrow a quarter, bill and finger ring. Roll up the borrowed bill into a tube and place the borrowed ring around the rolled up bill. Table the ring and bill. Borrow a quarter and both myself and the spectator can initial the coin. Vanish the quarter, remove the ring from around the bill and found inside the rolled-up bill is the spectators quarter.

Like I said, check your coin arsenal and most likely you have what is needed for this effect. Sorry, just can't remember when or where I first saw this effect.
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Sep 2, 2013 10:11AM)
Close-up you now got me thinking about this routine. Wish I could remember what it's called and where, if it has, been written up. If anyone has any suggestions, please post.
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Sep 3, 2013 05:48PM)
It was performed by the guy on the show called "magic man". Saw it a few days ago on tv. I think his name was JB Penn or something.
Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Sep 3, 2013 08:32PM)
Paul Diamond did this way back when.
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Sep 3, 2013 08:54PM)
I believe this trick was George Schindlers. It is on his Entertainment First DVD. Here is a link:


Good luck!