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Topic: Guerrilla Q&A Part II, The Second Coming review
Message: Posted by: KIDDMAGIC (Sep 4, 2013 11:34AM)
AN AMAZING REVIEW by Tony Razzano, for "Guerrilla Q&A Part II, The Second Coming" by Jerome Finley and yours truly (w/ a special guest appearance by Millard Longman):

Imagine what kind of book you might have if Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking could somehow collaborate on a book of math and physics so the layman could understand these two sciences, and use them well. The book would be acknowledged as an authoritative work. Now suppose in the book there was new groundbreaking information that we all could use. It would be something to seriously consider buying. Almost a must have.

Now suppose there is a book on Q&A and readings that meets the above criteria. Well, there is. Two brilliant minds, those of Homer Arcana and Jerome Finley, have written such a book... Guerilla Q&A Part 2. OK, itís an ebook, but donít let that deter you at all. This is outstanding and is something you should seriously consider buying.

I am not really sure how to present this review, as I usually compartmentalize the effects, philosophies, etc. and discuss those as well as the book over all. I will be doing that a bit here too, but there is so much packed into this ebook, that would be impossible to do and still do any justice to the work.

This 135 page ebook starts out with Homerís ideas in an area called Quantum Arcana. Now I have known Homer for a few years and always admired his work, but he has outdone himself here. Itís difficult for me to summarize it here because there is so much to it. But, here goes.

If someone asks you to ďread my mindĒ, you can. Yeah, really. You can do Q&A with no props (or what ever you may happen to have with you) or do a very accurate reading. How? Well, I canít tell you that or I would be repeating the book. But I can tell you that Homer goes into great detail and explains a system that will work. And this system needs to be read as a whole to really appreciate and understand it. Itís like a mosaic. If you just look at some of the tiles, then try to appreciate the work, you wonít because you are not seeing the whole picture. This is very heady stuff. A bit of philosophy from Homer really sets the stage. Now I had to read that part twice to really understand itÖit is a bit above me. But I got it. Again, donít let that discourage you. Most of you will only have to read it once, but regardless, it sets the tone and builds the foundation for wonderful techniques, of which there are many.

Jerome Finley writes the next section, Mediumship. Whatís that you say? You donít believe in talking to the dead? Ok, no problem. There is so much good workable stuff in the previous section that it, by itself, is worth the price. I do suggest, however, that you read Jeromeís section on Mediumship anyway as it gives some good insights to doing readings in general. It is really top notch and worth a read. Jerome spent some time with a professional medium and explains her techniques. Very, very interesting. Worth reading for the insights alone. You can mix some of the techniques here with your current sťance and the sťance will most certainly be enhanced.

Remember Einstein and Hawking above? Well, suppose Carl Sagan were added to the mix. What am I talking about? Millard Longman, father of Acidus Novis. I was most pleasantly surprised to see that Millardís work is in here. Millard is another brilliant fellow, and his contribution is called Crossing Over. ďThis is NOT a magic trick, this is NOT a piece of mentalism and is NOT something that should be taken lightlyĒÖJeromeís own words about this section. It is ďan experienceĒ. And, when done properly, is a wonderful experience for your sitter(s).

This, in my opinion, is something that your sitters/audience will truly appreciate. It will most likely provoke some emotion, but in a very good way.

All in all, this is an outstanding work. You will learn so much from this, your readings/Q&Aís/thought reading/sťance work will be greatly enhanced.. I am doing mine in a whole new way (readings). I also have tried some of the Q&A techniques this past Friday. I was a bit apprehensive, but it worked like a charm. There are stuff in this book is truly magic. It is a powerful set of techniques, not methods as this isnít a book of tricks, but techniques that have served Homer, Jerome and Millard very well over the years. And I can personally attest to how well they work. You will be able to take all or parts of anything in this book and apply it to your current work. I must admit, however, that I am replacing most of my current work in the above areas with techniques from this book. This stuff is that strong. There are techniques in this ebook that you can successfully use regardless of your experience. Mix and match among parts within the book or with some of your own techniques.

This is available from Jerome at http://deepersecrets...lla-qa-part-ii/

My highest recommendation!

Tony Razzano (Psychic Entertainer)
Message: Posted by: Michael Zarek (Sep 4, 2013 11:46AM)
So many great things to buy lately, if only I had money :(
Message: Posted by: bdekolta (Sep 4, 2013 02:30PM)
Here is the actual URL. The one above does not work.


I want to highlight this part of Tony's review:

[quote]You will be able to take all or parts of anything in this book and apply it to your current work. I must admit, however, that I am replacing most of my current work in the above areas with techniques from this book. This stuff is that strong. There are techniques in this ebook that you can successfully use regardless of your experience.[/quote]

He is replacing what he has used for a long time with this. And you can use the techniques regardless of your experience level.

Thanks Kiddmagic for posting the review - I really appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: bdekolta (Sep 5, 2013 05:42PM)
We are doing a free conference call with Homer Arcana tonight to talk about this book. Not sure if Jerome can make it or not. Join us if you can. Details here:


Message: Posted by: manofcards (Sep 5, 2013 06:29PM)

Do you think the book is written for performances for believers (i.e. psychic fairs), a general audience, or does it bridge the gap between the two? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Sep 5, 2013 06:57PM)
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