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Topic: The Jokerlist by Alex Mann and M.G.
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 7, 2013 05:37PM)
The Jokerlist by Alex Mann and M.G. - DVD

card-trick walkaround
Effect: Spectator first examines and signs the joker card. Then, Magician passes the deck to the spectator for examination and the spectator is invited to shuffle the deck.

Magician fans the deck and spectator has a free choice of where the joker card is inserted into the deck. Spectator looks at the selected card in the fan.

Next, the magician hands the joker card and the deck for examination. When the selected card is nowhere to be found.

Magician points to the box that has been in full view the entire time. When the spectator opens the box, the selected card is in the box!

•Can be done with a borrowed deck
•Can be performed blindfolded
•No sleight of hand
•No force required
•Free choice by spectators
•Easy to use
•Make predictions anywhere and anytime
•Make the selected card appear anytime you want
•Everything is examinable
•Joker card can be given away as a souvenir.

Link: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S15757
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Sep 7, 2013 05:45PM)
I thought it was going to be Fiedlers Flier, but they stuck their tongue out at me when they turned the joker over to show its back. :kermit:

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 7, 2013 05:48PM)
Here is my review:

I think this is a really nice effect. The gimmick is very simple, but very clever. It is very powerful in that the spectator shuffles the deck and selects where to place the joker, from their borrowed deck, into the spread of cards. The card they select vanishes from the deck and appears wherever you desire it to appear, in the box, on the spectator, taped to the outside of a window, anywhere.

The price is very reasonable.

The gimmick is something you could carry around with you in your wallet, and you are ready for an impromptu card effect with anyone's deck.

The one thing I would do differently is to not have the joker signed. I really don't think it is necessary. The same joker they pulled out of the deck is used and it is not the card that vanishes, so I just don't see any reason to sign the joker. The only reason I could see signing the joker is if it was used in another effect. I think a really good followup effect would be Gaetan Bloom's standing card or his levitating card effect where the card is cut into the shape of a person, layed on two card "saw-horses", one saw-horse is removed, and the card remains levitated. Now, that might make a fun souvenir. I carry a small keychain pocket knife with scissors for this very purpose.

I highly recommend it.

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 7, 2013 06:01PM)
BTW, If you do the Gaetan Bloom card cut into the shape of a person, it would be best to use a joker with a face, like the bicycle jokers. I cut it out a bit differently than Gaetan does, because then you can do both the standing card effect and the saw-horse effect. I cut it out without folding the card. The joker head becomes the cutout figure's head. If you fold the card, then it can't be used for the balancing card effect because the card will have the bend in it, making it not so "impossible" to stand the card up. Also, the effect doesn't have to be done with a Joker. it could be done with any card in the deck. So, if you are going to cut the card in the shape of a person, you might want to use a court card where the head is printed a bit larger and a bit higher up on the card. I DO use the Joker because I think it has a totally different "personality" in the deck. I like to talk about how the cards originated: The kings were originally in the likeness of four of the most famous Kings,.. and the joker was made to represent the court jester or wizard, like Merlin the Wizard. I purchase one-way decks with just jokers.
Message: Posted by: Gaz_Japan (Sep 7, 2013 06:16PM)
Hi 1KJ

What's the levitating card effect called? Sounds cool.
Message: Posted by: Fin (Nov 13, 2013 03:08AM)
On 2013-09-07 18:45, Zombie Magic wrote:
I thought it was going to be Fiedlers Flier, but they stuck their tongue out at me when they turned the joker over to show its back. :kermit:


Follow your gut, Zombie Magic! This is really horrific. So many problems, and so many better options. It's a trick for its method's sake and if you have Fiedlers Flier you are not going to learn anything here, no siree. "No force required".. umm, excuse me?????? My god this is bad.

Whenever the trailer doesn't show a live performance be wary; and even in this trailer, (which was clearly made with a helpful mate) we can see that the moment the joker is inserted there is suspicious fiddling with the deck, and the clean-up, somehow, miraculously doesn't actually happen, at least not in this dimension.

Personally I find the use of the joker laughably unnecessary, and the idea of signing it even more so. Why go through all that rather than, say, just fanning the cards and pointing your finger, then asking the spectator to say stop.. Or even better just having a card selected, SIGNED, and producing it from the box. To the spectator, the joker is redundant, and the complete lack of patter obviously provides no further (much required) justification. Sorry to say this but its quite obvious that this has been created by amateurs who need to do a lot more reading before they're gonna actually improve on what's already out there. There are MANY much more direct, "easy" handlings to choose from, no gimmick required, just as powerful if not more so. Speaking of which, I would not be happy letting them examine the joker due to the method, and Fiedlers Flier this is NOT an improvement upon. Josh Jay has some nice tips on that, btw.

In all seriousness, this is like a bad youtube magic tutorial, in that its clearly done by... deep breath... a kid who's seen another badly taught youtube video on Fiedlers Flier, thinks he's improved it, and has in fact just diluted the trick without improving the method in any way, then got excited because he knows very little about card magic (yet) and thinks he has come up with the most amazing thing ever, then falsely advertises it talking of "no forces", when the VERY TRICK ITSELF IS BASED SOLELY AROUND THE FORCING OF A CARD. You've got to laugh really.. Well, that, or cry.

For me the worst part is the total lack of logic. Why oh why would I find any consolation in the fact that I'm allowed to sign the (relatively useless) joker?? lol. Kinda makes me feel like I would if I went to a restaurant and they offered me my used serviette as a "parting gift". "Well, thanks for this! I'm really gonna treasure this joker-with-a-mark-on-it-which-you-used-to-pick-me-a-card."

Fiedlers Flier over this any day of the week! If you have that, you will have thought of this.. You REALLY WILL have thought of this. Yuck. YUCK. YUCK! Sure, I'm being a bit harsh and brazenly honest with my criticism of this, but that's because this sort of crap seriously deserves to stay on youtube, please god! The more attention mainstream magic buyers pay to this sort of horrible offering, the harder it is for the beginners to realise there's SO MUCH better already out there. This sort of thing is helping to create whole generation of bland magicians practising AWFUL diluted versions of once powerful, classic plots, because they assume magicians wouldn't sell them nice useless chunks of huge-steps-backward in method and presentation.
Message: Posted by: Fin (Nov 13, 2013 03:20AM)
To simplify, for those who don't wanna read my rant above (and who'd blame you),.. I think this trick is quite weak, and I don't think the trailer portrays the clean-up honestly.
Message: Posted by: CRISTIANpestritu (Nov 13, 2013 06:07AM)
Simple method, good reactions with this one, just got it.