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Topic: More Avatar woes
Message: Posted by: BarryFernelius (Sep 9, 2013 02:12PM)
I haven't been able to upload a new Avatar recently. (I was able to delete my old one.)

The file meets all of the requirements, but it just doesn't work. Any suggestions?

(By the way, I tried attaching the 3.5Kbye avatar .jpg to this post, but it didn't seem to work.)
Message: Posted by: Gene (Sep 9, 2013 02:23PM)
The validations here check the actual image file itself for width and height markers in the file and if it can't find those then it rejects the file. Some image programs don't include those markers, that's usually the reason images can't be uploaded. If you have such an image you can try "washing" it through another imaging program, even some online image services, and save it with another name and try it again. That's my best suggestion.
Message: Posted by: BarryFernelius (Sep 10, 2013 08:43AM)
I've never had a problem before. I've updated my avatar on several other occasion, and I haven't changed the process that I use to create the avatar files.