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Topic: Inside DVD by Todd Neufeld
Message: Posted by: danfreed (Sep 11, 2013 01:09AM)
I just thought I'd make a quick post to recommend this new DVD called Inside. I picked it up from Todd at Kidabra. Here's a description: Put anything in balloons! Todd covers techniques and nuances to put fun objects inside of balloons, including balls, phones, knives, and more. This video may or may not have much new for advanced balloon guys, though you may still pick up a few ideas or pointers. But. for me, it had lots of great stuff like putting flowers and dogs and borrowed objects into 350's and 646's. I already do some of what was on the video, but of course many DVD's have stuff I already do.
Message: Posted by: Smarty Pants World (Sep 11, 2013 01:13PM)
I will second that recommendation. There's a lot to this DVD - Todd takes an idea that's been around for a while (putting a ball into a balloon) and breaks a lot of new ground with the technique. If you're looking for a balloon idea that will appeal to those "older kids" and adults at restaurants and parties, this is a DVD well worth the reasonable price.

It's also professionally shot, so a nice looking production. And I believe Todd offers the DVD in a downloadable format straight to your laptop or mobile device.