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Topic: Help with creative ideas for product launch.
Message: Posted by: Ilan (Sep 13, 2013 03:45AM)
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this:

So here’s the idea.
I have the opportunity to create magical effects for a company’s product launch.
We are meeting again on Tuesday the 17th September to run through ideas.
What the company does:
The company sells furniture to the masses and sells mainly on credit. They are now launching an idea where one could buy smart phones through them on credit.
At the launch they would like me to create an effect where the revelation will be included in the building wrap, so the effect must be included in the building wrap and included with their products.
The product is a smartphone but the sizzle to the product is the fact that here in South Africa they are making this affordable to the masses and giving them internet and everything that comes with a these phones.
There are many phases to this launch which I can add magic to:
A: Handing out the invitations to the invited media guests. (In a magical way)
B: performing close up effects at the launch to the media and other invited guests.
C: something major up on stage to the media and other guests with the ending of an effect on the building wrap.
D: Entertaining the media and vip guests in store before and after the press release.
Message: Posted by: Robin4Kids (Sep 13, 2013 07:32PM)
I would suggest that they create an advertising campaign based around a magic theme, such as "The Magic of Affordable Smartphones." This would give you more credibility for doing magical effects at their product launch. Otherwise it may seem odd to the spectators that you are performing magic at a cellphone promotion.