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Topic: Looking for a particular printed Close Up Mat
Message: Posted by: skyfire (Sep 14, 2013 10:10AM)
OK, just so that I know I’m not going crazy, just a few short months ago I bought a couple of small practice pads that had printed corners on them. They actually made really good pads that I practice with, and they really look nice in person. I was going to pick up a couple of different colors but, when I search for them on the internet I can’t seem to find them anywhere’s. The only printed pads I can find are the printed “Aces” Close Up Mats.

So I am posting a picture of the mats to see if anyone knows of a magic site that may be selling these.

(I am not sure if I am posting a picture correctly or not, but if my picture does not appear on this post, the corners of the mat has what looks like Gold Embroidered swirls on it)

Message: Posted by: skyfire (Sep 14, 2013 10:12AM)
Shoot, the picture did not show up on the post above like I wanted it to.

Am I able to post a pic in this area?
Message: Posted by: Martino (Sep 14, 2013 01:40PM)
Get in touch woth Pattrick Pryswicki. http://www.pattricksmats.com I think. He makes the best mats (go deluxe) and can have them embroidered. Very classy.